Yours Bistro Restaurant Review

Yours Bistro Restaurant Review

Yes, there is great French food in Kowloon

Lily  Lily  on 22 May '15

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I fear not of Kowloon, but am skeptical about finding good French food that is not pretentious, or costing an arm and a leg. It was therefore a nice surprise to find this new bistro that checks all the boxes.

 Yours Bistro is a delightful French restaurant proudly located in WImage titleest Kowloon that makes me realise there are many reasons why making a trip across the harbour is well worthwhile. 

I tried their 4-course set dinner and selected the better known French favourites of bisque de homard (lobster bisque), joue de boeuf bourguignon (slow cooked beef cheek) and the cheese platter.  

The amuse bouche is a surprise as is their delightful tuna tartar, which they lightly toss in lemon juice and olive oil.  There is nothing that overpowers the freshness of the tuna, and it's just the right size to give you a good glimpse of the meal to come.  Now I have expectations.  

The lobster bisque has all the classic flavour and aroma of the great French dish, and the right balance of lobster, creme and sherry.   There is nothing fancy about the dish, yet it still remains every bit a decadence, as all good lobster bisques should.  Yum.

The beef cheek entree that follows is heavenly, with every bite equally delicious and melting in your month.  Again, another classic dish that has all the rich flavours of red wine and is brought to life by the magical method of slow cooking.  Even the garnish of carrots is cooked al dente with proper caramelisation, and the right texture to cut through the thick bourguignon.  The side dish is a right-size potato gratin, made of thinly sliced potatoes, cream and a hint of nutmeg.  It has all the right texture and bite – creamy and not mushy.  Ah, potato heaven.  

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The last cheese course would have been a great way to finish the meal.  But I cannot resist the fluffy and light ile flottante ("floating island") made of poached meringue "floating" on vanilla custard with salted caramel drizzles.  There are simply no words for such a wonderful creation.

It is a truly satisfying meal, with every bite showing off the chef's fine craft, and freshness of the ingredients.  If it were Image titlenot a set meal, I would have added something tangy or vinegary to cut down the sauces and creme.  

I am still in awe that such classic French dishes are available at very affordable prices.  The four-course dinner menu is $320.  If you visit during lunch, a two-course set is only $98, and $360 for their weekend 4-course brunch with free-flow drinks.  An a la carte menu of many French favourites is also available. 

Yours Bistro is under the direction of Cedric Alexandra and Chef Taoufiq Bounaji (a Four Seasons Hotel alumni).  The restaurant is a short walk from the MTR Jordan station (exit C2).  I highly recommend exploring the lesser-known Kowloon side and enjoying a refined yet unassuming meal at this new French bistro.  You will find the food is well worth your trip.

Yours Bistro

5 Kwun Chun Street / 3956 9601

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