Apple Teams Up with the Cookie Monster in One Tasty Video

Apple Teams Up with the Cookie Monster in One Tasty Video

The heart-warming collaboration will certainly make you want to reach for a cookie.

Lily  Lily  on 21 Mar '16

Perhaps merely a childhood fixation, but I've always loved the Cookie Monster - he is steadfast about his cookies, and unabashedly attacks his food with hilarious results. The fact that he only uses simple words - COOKIES....ME COOKIES, has provided hours of amusements throughout my childhood. 

If Foodie were to have a mascot, my vote would be for Cookie Monster. 

This latest Apple ad shows that even Cookie Monster can use Siri. The straight-forward ad illustrates an important point - if Siri can understand the rumblings of the Cookie Monster, then she can certainly understand (or at least we hope) most of us! Simple and on point, the quirky ad brings out everyone's inner child.  And it makes me crave a cookie!

This isn't a paid ad, we are simply sharing because of the video's endearing nature. Enjoy and get ready to hum your favourite Jim Croce song..... 

Oh, and have a cookie! Or twenty...


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