Cookie Monster's Apple Ad 2 - The Out-take [VIDEO]

Cookie Monster's Apple Ad 2 - The Out-take [VIDEO]

Get ready to put on an even bigger smile than Cookie Monster can muster

Lily  Lily  on 27 Apr '16

Everyone in the office cringed with my last post about the Cookie Monster and iPhone ad, not because of the commercial, but because now my obsession with the blue creature is out in public.  Of course secretly everyone was watching the video and humming Time in a Bottle and it was a happy Monday at work.  My justification was to illustrate the brilliance of content marketing, and how to create viral content in the digital space.  

Just when we recovered from the cookie binge, here comes part 2 of the funny commercial.  This one is the "behind of scenes", which shows bloopers and out-takes.  Get ready to put an even bigger smile on your face - and of course this is brilliant marketing, again.  


Lily brie or not to brie

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