Coke's Conversation in the Dark Hits a Cord [VIDEO]

Coke's Conversation in the Dark Hits a Cord [VIDEO]

This powerful video tells us labels are for cans and not for people

Lily  Lily  on 30 Apr '16

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Big Food has had its fair share of bad press.  And the push for being more authentic and using natural ingredients is very much front and centre in today's foodie culture (something we might know a thing or two about).  

Before we become all hipster and demonise Big Food and large corporations, it is undeniable that they have resources and the power to create impacting campaigns that can raise our social consciousness, and awareness of the better side of being human.  This Coca Cola campaign is an excellent example. We know this is content marketing, and the objective is to build a positive brand image, which leads us to wanting to buy more of their products.  We can be cynical, but still appreciate the very powerful message behind the video of strangers having unbiased conversations in complete darkness.  And whether you want to go for a glass of cola after watching it is completely up to you - and that's the beauty too.   



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