Meet the Latest Food Critic Hillary, Clinton That is

Meet the Latest Food Critic Hillary, Clinton That is

This list of New York restaurants recommended by Hillary Clinton is worth considering, and challenging too

Lily  Lily  on 19 Apr '16

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Most people have found the US presidential race is especially entertaining this year, and every day there seems to be a new headline. As the race tightens, candidates are pulling out all stops to win votes. Ahead of the New York primary, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dishes out her pick of restaurants in the state. Coincidence, perhaps not.     

Regardless of the motivation or timeliness of the release, the list includes some interesting, and agreeable choices of great eats around New York state. There is the "third-generation family-owned" restaurant (The Savoy) and "favourite neighbourhood spot" (Lange's Little Store, which does not even have a website). Perhaps lacking, but probably deliberately omitted are high-end restaurants. And in their place is the CIA, no not that CIA, the other one, The Culinary Institute of America.

Don't miss out some great food or deprive yourself of great brisket from Dinosaur BBQ because of your political opinions. The recommendations are actually worth checking out. Read the full list here.


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