Restaurant Review: Flame Japanese Cuisine

Restaurant Review: Flame Japanese Cuisine

What's better than starting the new year with a few hamayaki dishes and ice-cold highballs at this Japanese restaurant in TST?

Holly Pepper  Holly Pepper  on 22 Jan '17

The Ambience

This small Japanese restaurant is located in an area of HK – TST – that isn't short on gastronomic options. It's hidden away at the end of an inconspicuous alley, but the interior is quite a contrast. It's decorated with colourful posters, large flags and lanterns that give it life and vibrancy.

The Food

Having visited a hamayaki-style restaurant in Osaka (hamayaki refers to grilled fish and seafood), I have been dying to find one in Hong Kong. We started off with capelin. I love this fish since you can eat it from head to tail. There wasn't much surprise to the taste, but it was bursting with roe.

came next. They tasted pretty fresh, plus it was so exciting to see the shell of the clam's edge open with the juice bubbling out. Grilling shellfish at your table is such a joy!

My favourite was the crab paste served in its shell. It was very creamy, and the crab roe gave an additional pop to its texture. Apparently winter is the best season to have crab – good timing!

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The abalone was so fresh that it was still moving on the grill. It was quite chewy but didn't have much flavour. I guess I like my abalone the Chinese way, after it's been slowed-cooked for hours.

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Other than hamayaki, Flame also serves a variety of sashimi and sushi. The salmon tartare we tried was another highlight of the meal. It was very well seasoned, with a nice citrusy dressing.

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A delightful experience. Friendly reminder: be sure to making a booking well in advance unless you're prepared for the long wait for a walk-in table.

Shop 5 and 6, G/F, Wah Fung Building, 23 Minden Avenue, TST, 2654 8200 or 2651 9400

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