Vegan-Not-Your-Traditional Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe

Vegan-Not-Your-Traditional Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe

 (with handy tips)

Minimalista  Minimalista  on 27 Jun '15

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Why would I need a recipe for this? True, it is almost as easy as cooking instant noodles.  Uh-uh don't even try to click away! You NEED this. (You don't want to end up like me: tossing everything into a bowl) Good news. I have worked out some ways to cheat. Here are some tips to make your rolls look presentable. 

  1. To make rice paper sheets usable, you need to soak them into warm water. 

 Tip: pour the water in a wok or pan over a stove/electrical heater.

Why? Rice papers are tricky to work with. To keep the temperature of water high enough to soften the rice papers, heat the water whenever it cools is a time-saver. 

2.   Before you start wrapping, 

Tip: Place them on a clean kitchen towel. (Or any dry, rough surface) 

Why? Rice papers are tacky. Do not place them on any smooth surface like a wooden chopboard. They adhere on the surface and will break easily. 

Tip: prepare everything before wrapping. (Include chopping, cooking the meat for non-vegan rolls) 

Why? Same as the above, they dry quickly and will stick together. 

3.   When you start wrapping, 

Tip: Use peanut/almond butter to seal the rolls better. 

Why? My experience tells me the rolls will seal far better! (After millions of failed attempts)

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Ingredients: (For 10)

-Rice Paper Wraps        (10)

-Bell peppers                 (1)

-Cucumber                    (1 medium size)

-Cabbage                        (1/2 head) 

-Mango                           (2)

-Rice noodles                 (1 flat)

-Cilantro/Lemongrass (handful) 

-Kimchi                           (own preference)

Dressing:                         (your preference) 

-Sesame seed     

-Sweet and sour sauce 

-Tamari sauce

-Peanut/almond butter 

-Fish sauce 


Non-vegan/vegetarian options: 


-Pork belly 



(Basically anything)

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Image: Luke Ma


  1. Prepare hot water for rice papers
  2. Prepare other ingredients in the meantime 
  3. Dip the papers until pliable 
  4. Add the ingredients and fold the rice papers 
  5. Prepare your dressing.

Bon appétit! 

Hands down chefs who do Vietnamese rolls right. 

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