Beat the Summer Heat at BEP Kitchen

Beat the Summer Heat at BEP Kitchen

Adopting a vegan lifestyle is easiest in the Summer heat, and no more than at BEP Kitchen

Minimalista  Minimalista  on 12 Jul '15

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Vegetarian friendly

The vegetarian/vegan community in Hong Kong is growing. More restaurants have begun serving vegetarian-friendly dishes. There are few available vegan choices at BEP kitchen yet enough to satisfy my growling stomach. Be aware of the long lines during weekday lunches though.

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  • Rau cuon

         A combination of herb rolls, banh hoi, roasted peanuts and mixed Vietnamese herbs. Though no more enticing than your ordinary rice rolls, they do have a strong taste of Vietnamese herbs, so it is definitely a love-or-hate dish. As inexperienced Vietnamese food eaters, we paired it with Siracha as it did not come with any dips. 

  • Bun chay

        This dish is vegetarian and comes with lemongrass crusted tofu and fried ginger julienne available in a reasonable portion. Cheers to the generous amount of tofu which was definitely worth the price.  The rice noodles were served at room temperature which we might prefer chilled next time.

  • Com binh dan (non-vegetarian)

         One plate rice platter with steamed jasmine rice, honey glazed pork cutlet, caramelised braised shrimp and a fried egg. We were truly wowed by the generous amount of toppings, once again. It would be an ever-popular gentlemen’s choice if the eggs were half-cooked instead. Who doesn’t favour runny egg yolk? Long live yolkporn! 

BEP, Lower Ground Floor, 9 Staunton St, Central, Hong Kong

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