Healthy Substitutes for Everyday Staples

Healthy Substitutes for Everyday Staples

New recipe ideas for vegans, vegetarians, and the health conscious

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1. Meat

  • Instead of your sirloin steak, why not try tempeh? Tempeh is made from whole soybeans, which gives a good substitute for steak's trademark lumpy texture. It is absolutely packed with protein, fibre and antioxidants as well. It's great in sandwiches too, in place of bacon, try the TLT instead of the traditional BLT.
  • Chickpeas are jam-packed with protein, as well as folate, which is really good for red blood cell reproduction and proper brain function. Try this falafel.

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2. Cheese

  • Instead of sodium packed cheese, try nutritional yeast, which is a great source of vitamin B12 and protein. It has 9mg of sodium per ounce, compared to the 428mg of sodium in the same amount of parmesan. Try this mac and cheese.

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3. Milk

  • Almond milk is higher in healthy fats and antioxidants than cow's milk, and its thickness makes it brilliant for baking. Try this marbled banana bread.
  • Use coconut milk to get a lower-calorie, higher-protein, vitamin and mineral experience. Although it has slightly less calcium than normal milk, it is high in magnesium, which helps the muscular system. This is especially good in curry.

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4. Eggs

  • Use unsweetened apple sauce in baked goods to cut down on cholesterol. I would recommend around a quarter cup of apple sauce for every egg used. Try these scrumptious raspberry truffle brownies.
  • It might not be immediately obvious, but flax seeds are a brilliant substitute for eggs in baking. They are great sources of omega-3 and fibre. Remember to grind the flax seeds finely (or use flax seed meal) before baking to ensure a soft texture. Try this gingerbread flax seed muffin.

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5. Honey

  • Instead of honey, try maple syrup. It's health benefits are Canada's best kept secret. It is full of antioxidants, zinc, iron and potassium, which help boost the immune system as well as heart health. On top of this, it's lower in calories than honey. Try this blueberry pie.

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