FOOD WAR: Milk Chocolate Madness

FOOD WAR: Milk Chocolate Madness

Our opinions on four monoliths of the chocolate industry

Michael  Michael  on 12 Aug '16

Our Foodie team sampled four brands of milk chocolate, available at almost every supermarket around town, to seek the creamiest, milkiest, chocolatey-est bar of all:

Green and Black's

Price: $42

Looks: The packaging is quite traditional, which hypes you up for a good ol' chunk of chocolate. Each little block of chocolate is impressed with the brand's signature leaf logo, which adds a touch of elegance. 

Taste: There was no chocolate taste at all. The mild milky flavour coming through was rather artificial, and there seemed to be a strange tinge of something foreign we couldn't pinpoint. It felt extremely viscous and almost chunky. The only relief was that it wasn't super sweet.

Verdict: Not. Worth. The. Price. The beautiful packaging led to a massive anticlimax. No one wants to chew so much when eating chocolate. Avoid if you want something that actually tastes vaguely like chocolate.

Foodie rating: 2 stars


Price: $10.90

Looks: The unique dented shape of the blocks of chocolate is a nice twist on the conventional form. 

Taste: The taste of this verged on dark chocolate, but having said this, it lacked much chocolate flavour overall. It had the sticky texture of chewing gum, and it was quite vexing to have chocolate stuck firmly all over our teeth. Compared with the other brands, this chocolate was the most aromatic, which we thought was a strong point.

Verdict: In short, keep the taste and skip the texture. Maybe we were all a little subconsciously biased towards the flavour of dark chocolate, but props to Meiji.

Foodie rating: 3.5 stars


Price: $25.90

Looks: Its iconic logo and packaging is very inviting. The little blocks were quite chunky and packed with chocolate, which looked quite appealing.

Taste: When you first eat this chocolate, the primary flavour that hits you is not the flavour of chocolate but the sickly sweet flavour of caramel. If you try very hard, you can just about taste the chocolate taste coming through at the back of your tongue. The general texture was quite light, and it did not stick unwantedly to the corners of the mouth.

Verdict: Overall, the flavour was too mild, too milky, too sweet and too caramel-y. We were quite disappointed by this reputable brand.

Foodie rating: 2 stars


Price: $19.90

Looks: Out of all the brands we tasted, the packaging on this was the most playful and informal. We appreciated that the chunks of chocolate were bigger than the others, so we could each have a bit more.

Taste: Although this was not sugary sweet, there was no strong chocolate flavour present in this chocolate bar. The milk flavour dominated the palate, and the gooey, verging on grainy, texture of the chocolate did not feel pleasant in the mouth.

Verdict: This is no place for health talk, but this bar has the lowest fat content out of all the brands. There is probably too much milk (24%), as opposed to cocoa (26%), in this bar for it to be truly enjoyable as a chocolate bar, but it was passable.

Foodie rating: 3 stars

None of the chocolates we tasted really stood out. What we surmised above all during this Food War is that none of the Foodie team really like milk chocolate! The general consensus was that our sweet teeth were overwhelmed by the array today and that we would much rather enjoy the darker varieties of chocolate...

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