New Menu Review: Maxim’s Savour Australia

New Menu Review: Maxim’s Savour Australia

Get a taste of the Land Down Under with Asian dishes from the most prolific restaurant group in Hong Kong

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Lisa Cam  Lisa Cam  | 5 months ago

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A huge spotlight has recently been shone on the subject of food sourcing, with unethical farming practices and food production worrying many consumers.

Over the past decade, Australian produce has become synonymous with quality as strict governmental rules and top-notch natural resources have made the country’s food exports amongst the most desired in the world. This isn’t a foreign concept – Australian beef, lamb and chicken have been gracing restaurant menus and supermarket shelves for many years before this. However, Maxim’s Chinese Cuisine and all the restaurant names under that arm of the Maxim’s corporation have taken the bold move of pairing high-calibre ingredients from the Land Down Under with Chinese dishes.

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We were treated to an eight-course lunch at Symphony by Jade. Highlights included chilled Victoria jade tiger abalone ($108). The abalone was marinated with plenty of Asian ingredients including sesame oil, soy sauce, chilli and spring onion, leading to a flavour explosion. The mollusc itself had a firm bite that piqued our palate. This dish was a refreshing twist on the tried-and-true Chinese ingredient of abalone.

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Our next favourite dish was the baked South Australian oyster with port wine ($38). The shellfish was deep-fried in batter and then drizzled with a tangy port wine sauce. The crunchy exterior gave way to tender, juicy oyster flesh, with the rich combination abated by the aromatic sauce. This dish wouldn’t have been as pleasurable without the use of a quality ingredient like port.

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Stewed, roasted or fried, pork belly is a perennial favourite amongst many cultures, and the version served up at Chinese barbecue eateries around town needs no introduction. Symphony by Jade’s kitchen recreated this classic using Victoria free-range pork belly ($128). Sliced thinly and garnished with rosemary, this was the exact kind of delicious twist we expected from the collaboration. The pork was fragrant because of the smattering of herbs and, combined with the crunchy layer of roasted skin, tasted delicate on the palate.


This is a huge partnership, and while not all the menu items included on the promotion are available at the seemingly endless list of Maxim’s Chinese restaurants, we suggest giving one of these dishes a try the next time you sit down at one of the restaurant group’s many locations.

Available citywide, including at Symphony by Jade, 1–2/F, Restaurant Block, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, TST, 2722 0932

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