Bao Bei: NEW Restaurant Review

Bao Bei: NEW Restaurant Review

Bao Bei is a brand new 'made in Hong Kong' lounge and eatery in Soho

Spot The Food  Spot The Food  on 23 Jan '16

Bao Bei believe there is need to fill the gap between international and Hong Kong cuisines which they aim to meet by serving a blend of Asian and Western small dishes–perfect for happy hour, dinner or a late night feast.

Bao Bei, Sichuan Pepper PeanutSichuan pepper peanuts

From the word “bao”, which means Chinese steamed bun, comes a creation offering a selection of gourmet baos packed with high-end fillings likes Wagyu beef, Kobe pork belly, cod fillet and the bao trio.

Bao Bei, Kobe Pork Belly Bao

Kobe pork belly bao
Sous-vide Kobe pork belly, portobello, apricot salsa

The shrimp cigar is basically a spring roll filled with shrimp paste that comes with a Thai chilli sauce and shrimp roe powder. We loved the crispy chicken lollipop with a Sichuan brown sauce and the poutine made with french fries, melted cheese and mapo tofu minced pork.

Bao Bei, Shrimp Roe Cigar

Shrimp roe cigar
Shrimp, shrimp roe, Thai chilli sauce

Bao Bei, Chicken Lollipop

Chicken lollipop
Chicken wings, Sichuan sauce

The mushroom risotto is cooked al dente and seasoned with a wonderful truffle sauce.

Bao Bei, Mapo Tofu Fries, Poutine

Mapo tofu fries
Fries, minced pork, tofu, chilli, spring onion

Bao Bei, Rice Cake Carbonara

Rice cake carbonara
Chinese coin rice cake, jinhua jam

We rounded off the night with some childhood favourites, such as an extremely interesting Asian style deep-fried milk pudding with passionfruit sauce in a mini pipette.

Bao Bei, Deep Fried milk Pudding, Passionfruit sauce

Bao Bei, Deep Fried milk Pudding, Passionfruit sauceDeep fried milk pudding
Milk pudding, blueberry, passionfruit sauce

Do not leave until you try their signature cocktails. With over 12 variations, some interesting creations include the Childhood Memory that is served like Vita-Soy from a convenience store, the Yakult shot, and the Typhoon No. 10 with osmanthus jelly and mango pomelo sago.

Bao Bei, Mango Pomelo Sago, Cocktail, RumMango pomelo sago
White rum, fresh mango, pomelo, mango juice, sago

Bao Bei Childhood Memory, Rum, Vitasoy

Childhood memory
Spiced rum, Bailey’s, Vitasoy malt

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Bao Bei

Website / Tel: 2801 7779

Open Hours: Monday - Saturday 17:00 - 02:00

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