New Chef and Menu: Spasso

New Chef and Menu: Spasso

Chef Marco Furlan delivers true Italian flavours with creative flair

michelletang118  michelletang118  on 16 Jan '19

Come discover Spasso’s new tasting menu by Chef Marco Furlan, where he showcases his culinary creativity using fine seasonal produce.

The talented chef boasts an impressive CV, having worked at a variety of Italy’s Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels, including Al Pestello in Vicenza. His motto is simple: to offer a mix of healthy dishes without compromising on flavour, reaching a balance.

During his years in Hong Kong, Chef Furlan has collaborated with recognised Michelin-starred chefs such as Mariangela Susigan from Gardenia in Turin, focusing on expressing authentic local cuisine yet allowing for creativity.

I was fortunate enough to be able to sample Chef Furlan’s culinary creations at Spasso:

Pan-fried larded Hokkaido scallops

The first dish to showcase the chef’s talent was the pan-fried larded Hokkaido scallops ($198). Served with a unique cauliflower-coffee sauce and topped with Aristocrat Oscietra caviar, the elegantly presented scallops were simply succulent.

Sustainable sea bass carpaccio roll (

Next up was the sustainable sea bass carpaccio roll ($198). The sea bass was filled with spicy crabmeat and garnished with sautéed aubergine, fresh tomato, crisp croutons and herb cress.

Carnaroli risotto

Then came the Carnaroli risotto ($238) – my favourite dish. Opting for Carnaroli over Arborio rice resulted in a creamier risotto owing to the rice’s higher starch content and firmer texture. The slow-cooked salted Lofoten Island cod and capers were wonderful foils to the risotto’s richness.

Baccalà’alla Vicentina

Already satiated by the risotto, we next savoured a very traditional dish, baccalà’alla Vicentina ($228). This is a traditional Venetian-style codfish stew slow-cooked in milk and flavoured with a savoury sofrito of garlic, onion and anchovy. This was probably the most unique dish I sampled last year! For a fish dish, it was curiously sweet, especially given the lack of added sugar. The caramelisation of the sugars in the milk is perhaps what lends this dish its characteristic flavour.

 Spanish milk-fed baby pork shoulde

Spanish milk-fed baby pork shoulder

Another highlight of the meal was the Spanish milk-fed baby pork shoulder ($1,128 for 2). Here, Chef Furlan stepped out to carve the pork, which was served with grilled asparagus, courgette and aubergine. The texture was melt-in-the-mouth tender and delivered unbeatable flavour.

Chocolate Deluxe

Already satiated by the meal thus far, there was still dessert to go. We were first presented with a dish called Chocolate Deluxe ($108). This dessert was an interesting mix of textures, techniques and flavours, including Piedmont gianduja 74% dark chocolate mousse, chocolate truffle, steamed cocoa cake, gelato, mostarda, lady’s finger biscuits and red berries.


To use the cliché last but not least, the finale of the meal was my favourite Italian dessert of all: tiramisu ($108). However, this was no ordinary tiramisu, but rather an interpretation using what seemed to be more egg yolk (hence the striking yellow colour) and having a thicker consistency. The presentation was spot on, garnished with a generous dusting of cocoa powder and served on a black slate with more lady’s fingers.


One word sums up my dining experience at Spasso: fantastico! Chef Furlan has succeeded in presenting diners with delicious, authentic yet creative Italian flavours.

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