The Butchers Club

The Butchers Club

The guilty pleasure restaurant for every sort of eater

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AishaSuraiya  AishaSuraiya  | over 3 years ago

Living in Hong Kong means being able to eat and try different types of food everyday. Eating is a culture here. Food ranges from Japanese, Korean, Indian, Chinese and even Western. So you can imagine my dilemma when I was asked to write about a restaurant I would recommend to my readers. I recently had the pleasure of visiting the famous Butchers Club Burger with two of my friends in Wan Chai.

To my amazement I found out that Butchers Club Burger is one of those places that nobody talks about yet everyone knows about. While we were there we ordered their famous burgers and duck fries, which I must say didn’t disappoint. Another surprise was my friends couldn’t stop raving about the burgers, which is a big deal because those two are what I call “burger critics”.

The menu at the Butchers Club is simple because they have very few options: burgers, duck fat fries and a few varieties of drinks. Price wise, I would say the Butchers Club is affordable. The restaurant is also very hip; if you’re into loud music being played at food joints then you will like The Butchers Club. Out of 10 I would give this place a 7.

Tip: I hear it gets very crowded in the afternoon, I suggest you go there in the evening or nighttime. Enjoy!

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AishaSuraiya | Hong Kong


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