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AishaSuraiya  AishaSuraiya  | over 3 years ago

The next place I would recommend is not a restaurant but my current obsession, cafés. During my stay here in Hong Kong, my love for cafés has grown beyond expectation. I am what you call a breakfast person and breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. It could be the reason why I spend most of my time at cafés in Hong Kong but that’s not the only reason. Cafés are the perfect place to work, hang out with friends or simply write. I draw most of my inspiration from cafés. Most of my time is spent at Delifrance and Pacific Coffee. Another perk is free wi-fi.

One of the reasons I enjoy Delifrance aside from the relaxing atmosphere is that it has a mix of everything from breakfast to lunch to dinner. You can either order a latte, tea, chocolate croissants, salad or spaghetti depending on your preference. I recommend you try the French hot dog at Delifrance, it's beyond delicious.

The second café I would recommend is Pacific Coffee; this place is the perfect workspace especially the one at festival walk in Kowloon Tong. It has the perfect combination of comfortable sofas, food and free wi-fi.

Pacific Coffee is also a great place for getting on-the-go food; here sandwiches there are always packaged and ready to go. They are also good with my personal favourite sandwich being the nori tuna sandwich.

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AishaSuraiya | Hong Kong


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