Tokachi Gyuu

Tokachi Gyuu

Quality and affordability are a deadly combination that will keep you coming back to Tokachi Gyuu

AishaSuraiya  AishaSuraiya  on 25 May '15

This Japanese restaurant has become a favourite of mine over time. It is located in Shek Kip Mei right beside the wet market at Nam Shan Estate.

I eat at this restaurant at least 3 times a month and I would recommend this place for several reasons. For one; reason it’s cheap. You can dine there for less than 50 HKD and be satisfied or you can eat for more. With this restaurant you can either save or break the bank. The serving portions are also quite generous except if you’re ordering sushi.

Another reason would be the food; the menu presents you with different options from noodles, sushi, rice, salads and more. My favourite dish would be the unagi fried rice. The service at the restaurant is sometimes slow but it’s very decent typically. I would recommend this place to anyone who enjoys eating out at an affordable price. The sushi is good!

Additionally, I would say the location is perfect; there’s an egg waffle stand outside of the Nam Shan Estate that opens everyday at 9 p.m. The egg waffles there are delicious and made in front of you. The waffles are sold at 7 HKD. They are cheap, delicious and the best egg waffles in Hong Kong.

Out of 10 I would give this place a 7.

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