Eating Gluten Free and Vegan on Holiday

Eating Gluten Free and Vegan on Holiday

How to stay healthy while travelling


I’ve put together this article to show you that keeping your health on track whilst on the road can be done.

To enjoy your holiday or business trip, consume your food as natural medicine. That clean fuel will help your brain and body to feel great. I’ll never forget when someone told me that walking into a supermarket or restaurant is the same as visiting a natural pharmacy!

Understanding your cravings is really important, and I talk more about this here. When I’m not out of the country, I like to eat at home as much as possible; this saves money and really reduces my excess salt, oil and sugar (SOS) intakes. Meal prepping, on-the-go snacks or simply waiting until I’m home to eat has become the norm. If you practise intermittent fasting, this should come easily to you.

It’s also helpful to know your whereabouts. Get the relevant phone apps. Talk to local communities – there are so many free forums with first-hand reviews. Screenshot the places and you’ll be good to go.

When travelling, I always make sure to pack a breathable, soft bag full of healthy goodies, of which I separate some into my carry-on bag and put the rest into my checked luggage. Pre-order a healthy in-flight meal so that you don’t feel bloated and groggy when you arrive. Check with your hotel to see where they recommend to eat in the area or what’s available in-house. Hotel breakfasts sometimes come with the room rate, so it can be easy to grab fresh fruits, nuts, seeds and hot tea for brekkie each day.

Healthy travelling snacks include: protein bars (really good-quality ones), seed and nut-butter crackers, decaf teas, protein powder, coconut wraps, almond milk powder, dried coconut, seeds, mulberries, dried broad beans, dried laver, freeze-dried fruit and veg (mushroom and broccoli are my favourites)

Just check the rules regarding the country you’re travelling to before taking in any food.

It also helps to pick up keywords in the local language for your dietary preferences and, even more importantly, if you have allergies.

These are some things I ate on my recent trips:

gluten free vegan food Clockwise from top left: fresh fruits, tofu scramble, flaxseed bread, green papaya salad

Vegan foods in Asia

Clockwise from top left: vegan cheeseboard, Mexican chickpea wrap, sprouts wrap, raw cheesecake

Are you drooling yet?

As you can see, there was no compromise; we didn’t miss out on anything whilst travelling – and neither should