Probiotic Vegan Yoghurts and Kombucha / Kale Kraut / Raw Cacao Butter / Raw Coconut Chips Haul

Probiotic Vegan Yoghurts and Kombucha / Kale Kraut / Raw Cacao Butter / Raw Coconut Chips Haul

These fermented goodies will have your gut back to normal in no time!


Top photo credit: Green Vitamin

Heyyy friends-

I received a beautiful package with lots of healthy and delicious products and would like to share them with you. 

So I have already shared the importance of PROBITOICS. They do wonders for your whole body. These products below are jam packed with them. Let's just say, hopefully you won't get the winter flu if you keep your immune system strong and healthy. 

The organic yoghurt vegan flavours below are: 

  • Blueberry (my favourite) 
  • Mango 
  • Strawberry 
  • Original (great for adding into recipes). I made Greek tzatziki out of it!
  • Coffee (coming soon to stores). If you love coffee and always need your morning fix I recommend this one. The potent smell of this one is amazing!

The consistency of the yoghurts are thick and creamy just like the natural Greek yoghurt I used to eat. These are the ONLY yoghurts I consume because of my intolerances / allergies and they help a lot. 

So you may have heard of sauerkraut or kimchi, both of which are very popular for getting that good bacteria into your system, as both are packed with flavour and powerful nutrients which can accompany so many meals as a side dish (uncooked of course). This fermented organic kale kraut will do the same but also adds all the wonderful benefits of kale as well! This is a must try, as it's even better eaten uncooked. 

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As I'm addicted to tea and kombucha, when they are put together with lemon, it's so delicious. 

If you have tried Green Vitamin's lemon and turmeric kefir (fantastic and popular product), or you love green tea, then you will love this one too. As the ingredients are raw and live, the benefits enter your system quite rapidly to fight off infection and help to combat fatigue. 

I wrote about Green Vitamin's coconut butter, which I use in just about all my sweet recipes (such as oat bars, smoothies) and the coconut oil can be used for light frying too. But there's a new luxury which has arrived, coconut butters big brother! 'Raw Ecuadorian cacao coconut butter' is very luxurious and creamy and it's hard not to eat the whole thing! If you love chocolate or Nutella, which lets face it who doesn't, this is a must try! Keep both coconut butters at room temperature for instant use. 

Coconut chips are yet another delectable treat, I love how they come in an easy-packed bag so I can pop them in my handbag for an on-the-go snack. They are all natural and dehydrated at a very low temperature, so all the benefits are still intact. Even though they are not fried, the crunchiness remains, which is a great switch from eating regular deep-fried or baked chips which normally contain preservatives, artificial flavours and obviously most of the nutritional benefits are lost. 

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Check out their website for more delicious information: Green Vitamin

That's all friends!


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