Tried and Tipsy: Foxglove

Tried and Tipsy: Foxglove

Once you've found the hidden gem that is new speakeasy Foxglove, you'll be coming back more than you'd like to admit

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Alicia  Alicia  | almost 3 years ago

What is it?

Foxglove, a flower that is medicinally good for the heart but can also be lethal if ingested incorrectly-much like our good friend alcohol–provides a most fitting name for this new Central speakeasy. Especially given their relationship with Fox umbrellas that have been ‘keeping you dry since 1868’ which adorn the storefront façade. Much like their other venue Mrs. Pound, hidden behind a chop shop, Foxglove is hidden behind an umbrella store with a secret entrance.

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The Place:

Old school airplane-inspired décor with lots of leather and marble, sophisticated booths and gold cutlery set the tone. Low ceiling cosiness and the warmth of wood panelling and flooring, with a large separate room built to mimic a train car on the Orient Express; it’s cool, secluded with the feel of a private club. Much like Mrs. Pound, the theme is based around a somewhat unnecessary character that likes to listen to jazz, smoke cigars and drink whisky.

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The drinks:

An impressive range of rare whiskies and Cognacs with some boasting fifty-year-old vintages where the distilleries have now closed their doors. Bartender Bikal Ghale says it’s like ‘sipping history’ but they are also keeping it current too with creative cocktails and reinventions such as the negroni by using a blend of Suntory single malts as well as infusing whisky with tonka beans and blood orange. Their mixes pay homage to prohibition and the hidden rooms and live jazz represent a Golden Age long past.

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The food:

Bar snacks include an IPA-crusted fish and chips, pesto bruschetta, and kimchi and beef tartare. The more substantial dinner menu includes lobster tagliatelle, seared Kobe steak and roasted Guinea fowl.

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Hidden gem:

So well hidden, only those that know will be able to get past the umbrellas.


Website or Tel: 2116 8949

Hours: Mon - Sat: 12:00 - 3:00, 5:00 - 1:00


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