New Restaurant Review: Modern Indian at Bindaas

New Restaurant Review: Modern Indian at Bindaas

Lively, delicious and spicy at Bindaas

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Alicia  Alicia  | over 2 years ago

What is it? Hindi slang for “chilled out”. Bindaas aims to blend beloved Indian street food dishes with traditional recipes and spices for a heated encounter between every diner and their shared small plates.

The place: Chic décor, high tables, and comfy long booths sitting just below the hype of Hollywood Road.

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The drinks: We fell in love with the Sheikh. This chilli, coriander, fresh mango and vodka cocktail had such a powerful kick but still expertly meshed the flavours that all work famously well together. We moved on to the waters of the Indian Ocean afterwards and this gin, lemongrass and cucumber concoction was refreshing and helped offset some of the heat from the flavourful dishes.

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The food: We started things off with the Saag Gosht that was a spinach and goat keema and peas served with sweet buns that was such a hit, we fought over the last morsels. The Naanza is their version of pizza (naan + pizza) and I tell ya, it’s better than regular pizza. We sampled the chicken and the beef, smothered with cheese and Makhani tomato gravy and both were gooey slices of Hindi heaven. Sevpuri is a popular street food and they do a delightful version of it with a strong, spicy zest while the slow-cooked pork Vindaloo was tasty and everything you would want from a great curry dish. The broccoli and cauliflower dish was served with a yoghurt chutney that made it more delicious than we thought possible of vegetables flying solo. We sampled the Varaak dessert, which was delivered with an edible silver foil encasing rose pannacotta that tasted much like an edible perfume. Depending on your taste buds, this may or may not appeal. We preferred the creamy Kulfi ice cubes made with saffron milk and the Bombay-style chai that is made by cooking the tea leaves, sugar and milk all together very slowly and results in a texture like hot chocolate that we savoured at great lengths.

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The verdict: Our favourite Indian restaurant in Hong Kong. With dishes you’ll recognise, but presented with clever touches and wonderful flavours, and just the right amount of spice that coats the mouth with hot chilli but leaves the taste buds in tact for tasting. And the surprising discovery that their cocktails are as tasty as their dishes, make this an excellent after work meeting place. We will be frequent visitors.


LG/F, 33 Aberdeen Street, Central

Website or Tel: 2447 9998

Hours: Sunday - Saturday 12:00pm - 3:00pm, 5:00pm - 12:30am


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