Festival Flavours [Magazine Feature]

Festival Flavours [Magazine Feature]

Taste, the renowned restaurant festival, begins its first Asian foray firmly into the grounds of Hong Kong’s Central Harbourfront today

Alicia  Alicia  on 10 Mar '16

Taste Festival is now celebrated in 22 destinations internationally, from Paris, London, Rome and Dubai to Sydney, Toronto and Cape Town, becoming one of the world’s most exciting food fests. Hong Kong will now be among Taste’s list of chosen turf with the festival taking place from the 10th to 13th of March to celebrate the city’s exceptional food culture.

More than 40 signature dishes, some of which are one-off festival creations, will form a premium menu served by 12 of Hong Kong’s best restaurants, and attracting food fanatics from all over town. “A variety of the city’s favourites will be presented in one location for the ultimate dining experience,” says Simon Wilson, Event Director of IMG Culinary Asia.

Acclaimed local chefs and culinary celebrities (as well as a few international ones) will be featured cooking up their fine fare, as well as offering masterclasses, selling a selection of artisinal products and interacting with festival-goers with various food and wine attractions. Described as “the most serious, indulgent and exciting food festival” by none other than three-Michelin star winner and world-renowned chef Heston Blumenthal, the festival promises to show case the best of HK’s dining scene.

We spoke with some of the chefs being featured at this year’s Taste to find out more about this fab food fest:

Yardbird/Ronin’s Matt Abergel: We are very humbled to be part of the inaugural event. In our minds, Hong Kong has always been one of the world’s best food cities and it’s wonderful to see the attention that the culinary scene here has garnered in the last few years. With the lineup of professionals on the bill, the public is in for a truly authentic and special hospitality experience.

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Corn balls at Yardbird; photo credit: thatfoodcray

Aberdeen Street Social’s Chris Whitmore: I have always enjoyed attending the London Taste festival as it is such an energetic and exciting experience bringing together so much great food in one place. I think the public will have a great time as the concept is unique, in that it gives food lovers a chance to create their own dream menu of the best dishes from some of Hong Kong’s top restaurants, all at one venue. Also the opportunity to engage with the chefs directly, it’s something people seem to love. That, combined with the many activities the Taste organizers will be laying on – music, beverage lounges, cooking demonstrations, masterclasses, performances etc. will ensure a highly enjoyable time for all. Hong Kong’s dining scene is so diverse and constantly evolving - there doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by without an exciting opening.

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Serge et Le Phoque’s Frédéric Peneau & Charles Pelletier: Hong Kong dining scene has a great diversity. We have cuisine from all over the world, and we are having more and more regional cuisine, i.e. Central Thai, Issan Thai instead of Thai cuisine; Parisien, Brittany, southern France instead of general French cuisine. Even in the same cuisine groups we have different styles: traditional, modern, innovative, casual, fine dining... There is so much you can find in Hong Kong, and it is reflected at the festival.

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Photo credit: julianaloh

Chino’s Erik Idos: Hong Kong has the most diverse palate; there are literally new restaurant openings every day. There is food for everyone from Michelin star establishments to hole-in-the-wall diners, and there is somewhere to eat at all hours. Hong Kong has always been a world city, but it’s nice to see how we, as a community, are firmly putting our pin on the map!

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Tostada, scallop and uni from Chino

Duddell’s Siu Hin Chi: Nowadays people are more aware of food and health. There is more and more people asking for vegetarian dishes, they also ask for less oil, less seasoning, no additives and no preservatives. It is all about bringing out the natural flavours of produce using the right seasoning, and combining various ingredients to enrich the flavours, and that is what we are doing at Duddell’s. Good food is not only about the taste, it is also about its effects on our body. We are honoured to be part of the founding line-up and excited to show the guests authentic Cantonese cuisine, which is the root of Hong Kong.

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Taro puff at Duddell's

Arcane’s Shane Osborn: Taste is all about enjoyment, we are there to have fun and provide delicious food for the visitors, there is no competition just pressure to deliver in the same way we do in our restaurants as expectations will be high. Taste of Hong Kong will have its own flavour as it will feature some of HK’s top Chinese restaurants plus western establishments with local influences making HK taste a truly unique experience.

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Balfego tune from Arcane; photo credit: timeout.hk

Tin Lung Heen’s Paul Pau Ping Lui: It will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase our signature dishes in one event and most importantly, the guests will experience our three signature dishes directly at the event. It is crucial for us to also promote the best of our culinary heritage not only to the people in Hong Kong but around the world. Hong Kong is a “food paradise” and we want to showcase a diverse range of exquisite food to our customers.

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Char-grilled barbecued Iberian pork (char siu) from Tin Lung Heen; photo credit: chopstixfix

Amber’s Richard Ekkebus: I think every Taste reflects its hosting city so HK as one of the main food capitals in the world will not disappoint, it will showcase the city’s quality and diversity.

Image titleIMG presents its first Taste Festival in Asia – Taste of Hong Kong presented by Standard Chartered


Tickets start at $138 for weekdays and $168 for weekend sessions with 200 VIP passes starting from $598 and going fast.

For more details, visit: hongkong.tastefestivals.com.



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