ZUC.CCH.ERO: Restaurant Review

ZUC.CCH.ERO: Restaurant Review

Fancy tasting an edible terrarium?

Alicia  Alicia  on 27 Apr '16

What is it? Opened by Heat Wu, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, comes the perplexing name, which comes from the Italian word for sugar with an extra c added to symbolise their creativity, or our confusion, as you like. The focus is on the sweet side of things and the experience that comes from creating works of edible art.

Image titleEdible terrarium bowl with grassy matcha and a mushroom forest

The place: We started out with the intriguing edible terrarium ($258), which was an instagram dream dish with the teeny tiny sunbathing figurines on a grassy matcha turf beneath a mushroom forest. Hidden beneath the depths was a creamy tiramisu that tasted delicious, as long as you dusted off the thick covering of matcha that otherwise globbed on to the teeth with its grainy pungence. You can order these much larger as a birthday cake and there’s also a chocolate version and a DIY workshop if you want to make your own. From there we moved on to the Love Adventure Set ($278) where we had a huge amount of fun making slow mo videos of tasting the popcorn ice cream straight out of the liquid nitrogen as smoke poured from our mouths. Next came a multi-sensory experience with music and colourful screens dancing behind the chef who splattered sauces abstractly over the plates to create a dessert extravaganza in front of our eyes. We then tasted a flavour tripping flower bud that numbed the taste buds before downing a smoothie that bubbled and sang all the way down the throat.Image title

A multi-sensory experience with the Adventure Set

A tablet with six different varieties of vegetables - ordinarily the domain of savoury dishes - were crafted into beautiful-looking dessert items that became a guessing game as to which produce was included in their deceptive shapes. We fared quite well with the combined seasoned palates between us and we won’t spoil the fun by telling you the veg used, but we will say that some work as dessert flavours, and some don’t. It’s all pleasant enough to taste but the real enjoyment here comes from the playfulness.

Image titleA tablet with six different varieties of vegetables

Verdict: It’s amusing and entertaining and a great way to spend an afternoon. It doesn’t completely satisfy the sweet tooth the way you might anticipate as it’s more about the creativity than the actual flavours. But that’s okay with us, because we like to play with our food too.

Rm 1802-3, 18/F, Bartlock Centre, 3 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, 3427 9828

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