The Peninsula: New Menu

The Peninsula: New Menu

A natural and permanent addition to all their menus

Alicia  Alicia  on 13 Apr '16

What’s new? The Peninsula is getting their green on with their new Naturally Peninsula (NP) menu additions aimed at those who are conscious about the ingredients that go into their bodies, as well as for those with special dietary requirements. All the dishes on the NP menu are gluten-free, low sodium, low sugar and made with full fat dairy and high quality oils. The menu also focuses on using sustainable seafood, organic meats and a large concentration of super foods that nourish the insides as well as utilising slow cooking, steaming, sautéing and roasting techniques to prepare the dishes. These NP options will be available across all ten of their hotels and will include two starters, two mains and two dessert options on every menu with one choice on every set menu. The dishes have been designed by nutritionist Kim Murphy and are the result of countless experiments to create delicious and health-conscious choices with Executive Chef Florian Trento, utilising his philosophy of “If something doesn’t work, leave it out.” For example, they have not found a good gluten-free bread recipe, so they won’t be including that on the NP menu until they do.Image title

How’s it taste? We were interested to try the menu and delighted to see such a powerhouse electing to provide these options permanently, but were worried about how the flavour would suffer with many of the usual ingredients and processes removed. We needn’t have worried. Under the care of this experienced chef, we sampled NP dishes from each of The Peninsula Hong Kong’s eateries, starting with thin slices of wild Canadian raw scallops with avocado cream that was a heavenly way to eat mindfully. The double-boiled free-range snow goose with gingko nuts was a treat of textures while the organic Australian beef cheek let the meat’s natural flavours do the talking while the root vegetables provided a hearty feel-good side. We finished with marinated Korean strawberries with almonds and a lemon-basil sherbet that was a simple and clean way to end a meal positively piously.Image title

Verdict: A fantastic pioneering movement by the Peninsula. We love that these dishes were not designed as a diet or trend but as part of the lifestyle choice to seek health benefits through food. We hope it will spread to other establishments that will also provide mindful options for dining out at restaurants that aren’t specifically designed for “healthy” eating.

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