Good Home Chefs

Good Home Chefs

A ten year old's business solution for home cooked meals

Alicia  Alicia  on 26 Apr '16

Entrepreneurs are starting young these days. Primary school young.

Kamakshi Bhavnani is ten years old and has already founded her first food-based business, Good Home Chefs.  As a finalist at the recent AIA Emerging Entrepreneur Challenge, Kamakshi not only pitched to a room full of venture capitalists but she also had one of soundest and confident pitches of the day. We found out a bit more about the business idea (a sort of Uber for food) and more about the astonishing girl behind the idea:


Where did the idea for Good Home Chefs come from?

For the past year, my dad has been working in India. The thing he misses the most and struggles to get is home cooked food. This got me thinking if only I could do something for my dad and many others out there. Also many of my friend’s moms are excellent cooks but they are unable to cook professionally due to their other commitments like child care or elderly care and all their life they keep looking for an opportunity to showcase their talents to the world.

And there it was an idea that is going to revolutionize the food industry. 


Can you explain the premise of the business?

The premise of Good Home Chefs is to have an App where Good Home Chefs can login and register their dishes and the area they live in, and as soon as the customers login they will see the specials for the day, by area, along with the delivery time. They will be able to place their order and customers will be requested and encouraged to share their feedback on the dish and chef.

Good Home Chefs will actively participate in sponsoring home chefs to put up home food stalls in various community events and fairs. As well as have recommendations for chefs to buy good quality ingredients by area and also organize competitions. This will help to build a community of home chefs.

Is it kind of like an Airbnb for food?

Yes, this is similar to Airbnb and Uber. Good Home Chefs connects people, people who make good food and people who like to eat good food.

How far along are you in building the app?

I have made the design of the app and I am in the process of choosing the right company who can make the app which is simple, easy to use, with a great user interface and most of all cost effective. The mantra is to keep it simple.

What kind of people do you think Good Home Chefs would appeal to?

Good Home Chefs will cater to everyone who like to make good food like mums or dads, even grannies, and they can share their age old recipes (many of these are getting lost) and even kids I know - many of my friends are good at cooking. As for the customers, anyone who is looking for healthy home cooked meals will be happy to use Good Home Chefs. Our chefs will also cater to party orders to help you organise events with your busy schedule where the food will be taken care of by Good Home Chefs.Good Home Chefs

What do you think will be the most popular style of home cooking on Good Home Chefs?

I think curries would definitely be the top favorite along with party snacks which will gradually pick up but also become a hot favorite.

How would the drone-to-customer idea work?

My idea is use custom built drones to deliver food around the city. Basically the app will show all the locations where the drone can deliver food and the customer can choose the location closest to him or her. The customer would have to punch in a code which the app will send to the customer to collect the food from the drone. Customers will be informed about the delivery schedule. I have recently made my first drone at MakerBay, and now I am working on introducing the additional features in the drone with the help of my mentor Cesar and Ken Chew.

What’s the next step for you with Good Home Chefs?

We are working in stealth mode on the logistics as well as the government formalities to launch Good Home Chefs. I wish to open the Good Home Chefs Company very soon. Alongside we are working on developing the App as well as talking to some industry experts on how to market Good Home Chefs. My logo and mascot are ready.

What kind of dishes do you like to cook?

I like to make desserts with my dad. Whenever he comes to visit us in Hong Kong we bake cakes and cookies. I also do a lot of baking with my Uncle Kevin who comes from US, he shares his mum’s age old recipes. For me, cooking food is not just about eating, it is also about spending time together, it is about putting your heart into something and seeing it turn into something delicious. It is the joy of feeding people and seeing them relish every bite. Food actually opens up all your senses.  I follow Masterchef very diligently and would like to participate in it one day.

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Where is your favourite restaurant?

I am in love with the Chinese cuisine. It is a unique blend of mild and subtle flavours. My favorite restaurant in Hong Kong is Tim Ho Wan.

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