Yum Yum Movies: Matching Food and Film

Yum Yum Movies: Matching Food and Film

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With their previous, and outrageously successful might I add, food and film pairings, Yum Yum Movies has now completed their summer schedule after showing Romeo + Juliet, Amelie and Moonrise Kingdom, all matched with five-course menus served at specific intervals of each movie. 

We caught the Moonrise Kingdom pairing on its first showing and were excited to see that most of the full house were there because they had heard such great things about the first two movie pairings. Our menu was a tantalising first look at the entertainment and cuisine to come:

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Chef Andrea Oschetti began the evening with a short speech filled with exuberance that clearly transfers into his passion for cooking. The cool and spacious loft space is provides the ideal mix of chic and homey comfort in which to view a film and share a meal amongst a friendly crowd of new friends. 

Matching Wes Andersen's mind bending hilarity in Moonrise Kingdom with any kind of cuisine feels like a mountain of a task. But it turned out to be one that Yum Yum Movies climbed with aplomb. 

The film and menu began with an introduction to the island of New Penzance. The dish was a gorgeous symmetrical display of red prawns, seaweed, handmade Balik salmon and sharp, peppery anchovies that matched the movie making style of the visionary director.

When the young protagonists run away into the wild, a Porcini forest with a generous serving of beef tartare topped with a chili balsamic reduction was served to complement the witty dialogue and off-beat characters.

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The dishes were served with un-rushed pacing that seemed a further nod to the style of the film and the clam marinara with angel hair pasta arrived to coincide with the runaways arrival on a beach all their own. 

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An ample stack of salty buffalo mozzarella with forest ham over sweet buns segued nicely into the final scenes and dessert finale. 

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The perfect gentrified ending to a camp out was this smore-like dessert made up of mille-feuille truffle chocolate and caramelised lychees.

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Yum Yum Movies does what it says on the tin. It's delicious, delightful and provides a unique and fun-filled evening combining cinema and fine cuisine in a cool setting. 

We can't wait to find out what the Autumn showings will be!



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