10 Times We Experienced Package Rage in Hong Kong

10 Times We Experienced Package Rage in Hong Kong

Life in plastic – it's not so fantastic

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Alicia  Alicia  | over 1 year ago

Oh Hong Kong.

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We're not convinced you could actually get into these persimmons. Protected like the Fort Knox of fruit. 

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Now, these are some preciously packaged pears. So precious they deserve two fruit sleeves, a paper wrapper, space padding and a plastic-wrapped cardboard box.

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Coconuts are such a delicate fruit. 

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Even the garlic and ginger couldn't escape the plastic protection police. Or the corn on the cob; if only there were layers of husk to protect those tender kernels. 

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It's like a pod hotel for papaya. 

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Is it even possible to bruise an orange?

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That thin plastic will surely help to protect the thick, spiny skin that's removed before eating. 

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Happy Valentine's Day, Dear!  A whole lot of plastic, synthetic grass, a foam fruit sleeve and one lonely strawberry; anyone who purchases this little gem proves both their environmental unawareness as well as a keen sense of ignoring the value of the dollar. Not sure we see this relationship lasting.

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Oh books, how we love to thumb delicately through your pages, inhale that heady mix of ink, paper and wisdom, perhaps perusing a few lines from the first chapter while standing at the checkout queue... Or pick up a shrink-wrapped monstrosity to ensure we all wake up from our foolish hopes of book-smell reverie. 

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Where all the fruit of the future comes from: vending machines.


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