NEW: Birds & Bubbles Takeover

NEW: Birds & Bubbles Takeover


ALISON  ALISON  on 19 Jul '16

This summer, ISONO will be tickling your tastebuds through their new concept -  #takeoverISONO. They will be inviting top chefs from the best restaurants across the globe into ISONO’s kitchen and bringing guests unique dining experiences for the summer months with pop up dinners featuring an original theme each month. 

For July, the featured chef is Sarah Simmons, a female chef named as one of the “50 Best Chefs in New York City ” who is also a restaurateur and entrepreneur. Her stay at ISONO’s Kitchen will highlight her signature dish from her own restaurant Birds & Bubbles in NYC, which does what it says on the tin and serves fried chicken and champagne. With her partner, chef Aaron Hoskins, they will serve unique versions of American culinary classics, with an exquisite selection of sparkling wines and champagnes.

Image: Chef - Sarah Simmons

 #takeoverISONO by Birds & Bubbles will begin from the 19th of July to the 13th of August, offering a 3-course lunch menu and a 6 course dinner tasting menu.  A weekend brunch will also be served with, of course, free-flow champagne.

Some of their featured dishes include: chicken deep fried with a blend of spices, a New Orleans styled sautéed shrimp topped with mushroom tasso and grits and a creamy banana curd, sliced banana, homemade vanilla cookies and toasted meringue.

Image: Birds & Bubbles Chicken

Image: Shrimps and Grits

Image: Banana Pudding


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