Food Hackathon at PolyU: Addressing our Food’s Future

Food Hackathon at PolyU: Addressing our Food’s Future

Food entrepreneurs, NGOs and students brought together to tackle the hot topic of the future of food

 Aymeric  on 7 Jul '18

A one-of-a-kind event, the opening session of the Hong Kong Food Hackathon 2018 was recently held at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The agenda for the evening was a busy one: introducing the event organisers and speakers, presenting the main subjects related to the future of food and forming teams amongst the participants for the next 48 hours.

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The organisers were:

  • Melee Limited: a network of experts and practitioners designing regenerative business models, products, tools and social solutions for healthier and more liveable cities
  • Salon Media Lab: a local NGO that help to nurture young people in the media field
  • Future Food Institute: an Italian-based non-profit that uses food innovation as a key tool to tackle the global challenges of the future
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University: the host of the weekend event

To get the participants in the mood, 20 speakers with diverse backgrounds – professors, entrepreneurs in the food industry and NGO members – gave PechaKucha-style presentations to the crowd. Each speaker was given 20 slides, presenting each slide for a maximum of 20 seconds, to talk about various matters related to the current and future issues of food. These presentations were also aimed at improving the participants’ pitching abilities, as the speakers were all experienced in this regard and coached the different teams throughout the weekend.

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The topics covered by the speakers ranged from food hygiene and food waste to edible insects and urban farming in Hong Kong. The short presentations (six minutes and 40 seconds, on average) ensured optimal attention from every participant and put a spotlight on largely misunderstood subjects.

The next part of the session involved brainstorming ideas and subjects for participants to work on during the weekend Hackathon. This began with individual reflection time, followed by a sharing session where everyone formed groups centred around a common theme. This naturally led to the formation of six teams for the upcoming weekend event. Each team presented their project in front of five judges, with the real challenge tackling the food-related issues as a group.

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The future of our food is a fascinating topic, full of mind-blowing innovations that will be part of our daily lives very soon. The 2018 Food’s Future Summit organised by Foodie will explore this important subject on 21–22 September 2018. Click here more information on the Summit.

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