Not-So Hidden Noodles

Not-So Hidden Noodles

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If you've walked across or along Wellington Street in Central Hong Kong, and still don't know about this noodle shop, prepare to be enlightened.

As a native English speaker, finding and trying local mom and pop restaurants has always been a touch more difficult. Being ever curious, and looking for the local equivalent of a corner deli I took one of the best "oh hell, lets do it" moves ever.


8 years later, I still do not know the name of this restaurant, but my wife and I refer to it as Red Noodles. The style of noodle is from Hunan Province, and you can choose your own ingredient and spice level. Here is my selection that I get almost every time:


- Medium spice
- Minced Pork
- Tofu sheets
- White carrot

While my wife contends that Red Noodles made the English menu for a growing number of foreign diners, I still stand that it was made because I spent 3 to 4 meals a week there, and they got sick of me pointing at pictures and other people's meals. 

Either way, load up your Google Maps app, prepare to eat off-peak hours (or you WILL NOT get a seat quickly) and enjoy the hidden gem that will remain your favourite for years to come.



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