Food Trucks in Hong Kong?

Food Trucks in Hong Kong?

Finance Secretary John Tsang has brought up bringing food trucks to our lovely streets!

derekkean  derekkean  on 26 Feb '15

Is it a truck (lorry)? Is it a restaurant? It's neither. It's both. It's a Food Truck. The popularity of these roaming restaurants has been increasing each year, due mainly to the often wacky and constantly amazing food that is being created.

Often food trucks are precursors to real brick and mortar restaurants, but many times the success seen on wheels keeps the food truck 'truckin along. There are thousands of styles of food to be found on these guys- from fusion tacos, to grilled cheeses and anything in between. 

But... they (and many al-fresco dining establishments) have been restricted in Hong Kong city. With increasing rents for retail establishments, starting a new concept in dining can be extremely cost prohibitive. Food trucks have provided a "loop-hole" to allow chefs and restauranteurs to test new ideas without the hard-costs and restrictions around restrooms, build-out and rent/staffing.

In a random move, Finance Secretary of Hong Kong John Tsang spoke about exploring options in the alfresco dining scene, including the introduction of food trucks.

"I have asked relevant departments to implement as early as possible the proposal to facilitate alfresco dining operation, and to consider introducing food trucks, which are popular abroad, to the mix of Hong Kong's existing food scene." - Tsang, as reported by The Standard.

In our world, new and exciting food options are always welcome, but there are many potential issues for Hong Kong, namely space. Can these vendors fit on the most popular roads and also allow for traffic to flow? Will retailers and landlords allow them to park in/on/near their prime locations? What type of crazy tasty Bao will the entrepreneur food truckers create?

Tell us what you think. Simply put- Do you want Food Trucks in Hong Kong?



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