Rainbow Unicorn Cookies That Poop Stars?

Rainbow Unicorn Cookies That Poop Stars?

The title of this article does indeed contain those words, and when we heard this, it threw our office into a frenzy.

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derekkean  derekkean  | over 3 years ago

We try to keep our heads up for new and exciting food trends that go around the internet, so it came as a warm welcome when we heard that Elise from MyCupcakeAddiction has created a recipe that allows you to bake colourful rainbow unicorns, that have the amazing feature allowing them to "poop" rainbow colored stars.

Here's the video rundown:

We are always skeptical of these recipes, as many tend to be impossible for the average baker - however... If you (our readers) can make these, and bring them by our office, we will feature your creation and give you a year subscription to our Magazine for free! 

Oh we dearly hope to eat these.

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