Lazy Days - There's an App for That

Lazy Days - There's an App for That

From bed to desk to couch to bed, you can use these apps to fully automate your food and beverage life

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Remember chores? Pick up the groceries, cook dinner, walk to a lunch spot, get takeaway, head to the wine store, pick up dry cleaning, blah blah blah. That's so 1990. Hong Kong has had a surge in "apps for tasks", and we've gotten into a rhythm of using the following for a fully automated day - with so little inputs, its actually kind of disgusting.


Foodpanda - With their service covering most of HK (some holes in coverage), you can get a plethora of food delivered for any hour of the day. Order your food before you hop in the shower, before you roll out of bed is even better.

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From Home to Office:

Uber - A bit pricey compared to public transport or taxis, but you click a button and wait at your door until someone pulls up. Sometimes a day needs a bit of pampering.

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Groceries for Later:

Jousun - Get bundles, or choose your groceries, and their shoppers pick, pack and deliver your items same day (or next day if you order too late in the day). Highly recommend the hot-pot packages, so that cooking becomes "Turn on hot plate. Put water and food in it", instead of anything fancier.

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Secret Ingredient - Food delivered in a "ready to cook" format, so while it's not super lazy, they do all the tedious things, like chop onions and mince garlic. Boom.

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Kawa - The only thing Kawa doesn't do is deliver, but they do provide a flat-fee drink of your choice at dozens of coffee shops around town. You'll never wonder, is it $40 or $35? It'll always be one price. 

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SpotHelp - Because we promised you laziness. SpotHelp will go pick up your coffee for you. Because why the heck not.

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Deliveroo - We're assuming that you are in an office. Deliveroo is great at catering to your tight schedule, and I haven't received a single order late (yet). However if you live outside of their delivery zones, you'll need to use someone else until they launch in your hood.

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Midday Snack:

GuiltFree - They ship healthy snacks in bundles throughout the week. Send some to your office or home and you'll have good snacks on hand. Granted, it'd be much cooler to have Jousun deliver 5 bags of Doritos and Cheeto Puffs, but it's not a bad thing to look after your health sometimes.

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Afternoon Wine:

BottlesXO - Duh. Bottles delivered to your office or home? Decent prices? No more "hmm that looks good" wine shopping, their entire list is curated so that you get only good stuff and at good prices.

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Dry Cleaning:

SpotHelp - Text them what you need done, and it'll get done. Not much more to say than that. Need flowers for your SO? Done. Need dog treats? Done.

Dinner (in):

Foodpanda, Deliveroo - Depending on where you live, you may or may not have 100% coverage from all delivery apps, but there's a good chance you've got these two. Instant access to hundreds of restaurants, delivered to your door. Yummy. Time to rock out the sweatpants.

Dinner (out):

Chope, Quandoo - Put away those sweatpants and make a dinner reservation. Go out and be social (I know, it's not lazy, but hell, you are being "served" food).

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Date for Dinner:

Tinder - Because nobody deserves a table for 1, and you could "meet interesting people nearby"!

After Dinner Entertainment:

Netflix - Because no chilling is complete without a continual stream of uninterrupted Netflix Original TV Shows.

What did I miss? What lazy app do you use? Are you building the next coolest app that will make our lives so much lazier? We'd love to hear about it.


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