How About a Pokémon Go Picnic?

How About a Pokémon Go Picnic?

The locations with no cars, no bustle, just wild Pokémon to catch while you hang out with friends

derekkean  derekkean  on 3 Aug '16

We're guilty of being huge nerds, and loving mobile games. To the office, from the office, around town and between events, we are constantly checking out our phones. That's why we (and most of Hong Kong) were excited to get playing the new Pokémon Go game, and put some use to all that walking around we already do.

But there's always the added hype and risk of "being a zombie", or "getting in an accident while distracted", so we spent the last 36 hours looking at different mapping apps to see where the most pocket monsters could be found, AND be found far far away from cars, roads, and noise in general.

For you Hong Kong Island folks, welcome to your new sanctuary for catching heaps of Pokémon, while enjoying the peace and tranquility of a nice (and recently mowed) field... and the first time this place has been relevant since its inception...

Cyberport Waterfront Park

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Yep. You read that right. Huge green field, tons of space to spread out and set up a picnic with your friends and family. No cars running through it, so you can scoot about and "wander" in peace.

Suggested Gear:

1. Battery pack

2. Another battery pack

3. Water

4. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches

5. Fruits

6. Veggie platter with Hummos

7. Wine or beer (in an esky/cooler)

8. Your friends

For all of you Kowloon side folks, you have more parks to choose from, equally spacious, but let's just narrow it down by walkability and size to one destination...

Science Park

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Yep. Another techie zone (see a trend here?) that has tons of open areas, boardwalks, restaurants, ponds, green patches and more. It's quiet, and mostly secluded from roads which gives plenty of opportunity to walk around, hatch some eggs and also catch a good variety of Pokémons.

The same checklist applies for both locations!

Okay, so we're a food magazine and we should focus on the food part more right? NO. Get out there, enjoy the outdoors. If you're super adventurous - you could catch the sunrise at Science Park, and then catch the sunset at Cyberport (pictured above). There's your recipe for the perfect 'Go gamer day.

But seriously, be careful in the city, pay attention, and bring a battery pack.



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