Food or Art? Why Not Both? @Popsy Modern Kitchen

Food or Art? Why Not Both? @Popsy Modern Kitchen

Dining in an art gallery

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Angela Yuen  Angela Yuen  | over 2 years ago

Restaurant week gave me the perfect excuse to check out Popsy Modern Kitchen which has been on my list for too long. Popsy Modern Kitchen is both an art gallery and a restaurant. It somehow has the magic to make you feel warm and cosy without being, the slightest bit, snobbish. 

I knew I was in love with this restaurant the second I sat down. The beautiful flower decor on the table, the gorgeous flower wall behind, and the interesting photo next to me table, you got me! The elegant and tasteful decor of the restaurant seemed to have put everyone in a good mood. You can see cheerful and relaxed diners here (without the help of alcohol). 

A 3-course lunch was offered for restaurant week. As a pescetarian (aka only seafood and veg eater), I was delighted that there was something for me. I picked the calamari salad for my appetiser, the pan-seared cod fillet with Brussel sprouts and zucchini risotto for my main course and the pistachio panna cotta for dessert. The portions weren't huge but a 3-course menu was just right for my big stomach. 

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The calamari salad was both fresh and refreshing. The calamari was chewy and the vegetables were crunchy and fresh. The bread served was warm and the sea-salt herb butter brought out the best of the bread. 

Cod is my favourite fish in the world. The cod fillet was cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside and just right on the inside. The cod fillet tasted so fresh. I am not exaggerating here, I know the cod fillet was probably frozen but the texture was amazing and very chewy. I can still recall the texture now that I am writing this article (nom nom nom)! The risotto was al dente and was a good match with the cod fillet.

No meal is complete without dessert. I have not had any pistachio dessert since Italy (I had the honour to taste a premium pistachio gelato in Milan and the owner gave me an education about pistachio. I know it would not be as good in Hong Kong.) This pistachio panna cotta did not let me down. It was super rich in pistachio flavour, silky smooth, with some berries on the side and peanut powder. This dessert easily became the highlight of my meal. 

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Popsy Modern Kitchen is the perfect place to indulge in both food and art. If you are looking for a great time with great food, this is the right pick for you. 

Popsy Modern Kitchen

Website or Tel: 2907 8188

Open hours:  Mon - Sat: 12:00 - 15:00; 18:00 - 23:00

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