Restaurant Review: Frites in Wanchai

Restaurant Review: Frites in Wanchai

Frites in Wanchai fulfills your food and belgian beer cravings

Ben  Ben  on 20 Feb '16

After a hike up to Victoria Peak and down through Aberdeen, we wanted a big and hearty meal. Unfortunately for us, it was the third day of Chinese New Year and none of the restaurants we wanted to try in Aberdeen were open. Getting hungrier by the minute, we took a bus to Wanchai and decided to go try out Frites, which we had heard was a solid lunch option.

What is it

Frites is a Belgian restaurant and beer hall with locations in Central, Wanchai, Causeway Bay and Quarry Bay. The location in Wanchai is right beside Harbour Road. It's one level above ground floor and is surrounded by other Western restaurants.

The menu is well thought out and offers a variety of options in a decent price range (mains: $175 to $385) with clever names like the 'rich man's burger' which is...the cheapest dish among the mains.

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The fish and frites consisted of NZ hake fillets in a crunchy beer batter; photo credit: tofuairline

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The chicken parma with a glorious blanket of grilled mozzarella cheese

What we ordered

We began with a round of beers from Frites' extensive beer menu aptly titled the 'beer bible'. Although it was difficult to decide what to order to quench our thirst, we eventually chose leffe blonde ($70) and stella ($70).

The almighty chicken parma ($195) sounded too good to pass up as did the fish and frites ($195). The chicken parma was indeed almighty with a glorious blanket of grilled mozzarella cheese, provencal sauce, a side of a garden salad and yes-you-guessed-it frites. The chicken was very tender and the sweetness of the provencal sauce complimented the rich and creamy mozzarella.

The fish and frites consisted of NZ hake fillets in a crunchy beer batter, tartar sauce and was served with salad and frites, too. The fillets left us craving for little else except for more beer. The texture of the hake was not tough and had a relatively mild and sweet taste.


We were very satisfied with our meals and the price per person ($270) was also reasonable for the quality and quantity of food we ate in Wanchai. We'll be back to try some of their other dishes.

Frites Belgium on Tap

Website/Tel: 2877 2422

Shop 6, 1/F Causeway Centre, 28 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai

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