NEW Restaurant Review: Ebi Kin is the New Ramen on the Block on Hollywood Road in Central

NEW Restaurant Review: Ebi Kin is the New Ramen on the Block on Hollywood Road in Central

Ebi Kin Ramen is the newest ramen restaurant on Hollywood Road in Central that you shrimply must try

Ben  Ben  on 2 Mar '16

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What is it

Are you in the mood for some shrimp-based ramen? Then Ebi Kin (えび金) won't disappoint you. A stone's throw away from the Central escalators, this new ramen restaurant, which opened on Jan 18, offers a variety of ramens with shrimp-based broth.

One of the most popular ramen-ya's in Tsukiji Japan, Ebi Kin makes its shrimp based broth in-house from grilled shrimp heads.

The interior is just what you'd expected of a ramen-ya: a low counter top facing the chefs and mouthwatering ramens to choose from. The space is relatively large and we liked how they have a large communal table by the door to mix and mingle.

Interior of Ebi Kin Ramen on Hollywood in Central, Hong Kong

Ebi Kin offers diners a seat next to the action where you can see what the chefs are preparing

What we ordered

It was tricky to choose just one ramen dish each when there were so many rumbling our tums... so we shared three: the miso ramen ($90), the shrimp ramen ($110) and the Ebi Kin tsukemen ($100). We started with an order of gyoza ($35) and fried oysters ($45) right away because we were famished.

The gyozas were crispy, not too oily, and the pork and veggie filling on the inside was the perfect temperature. The fried oysters tasted fresh and were again, not too oily. Both of these starters were excellent compliments to our main ramen dishes.

Gyoza from Ebi Kin Ramen on Hollywood Road in Central, Hong Kong

The gyoza are crispy, tasty and not too oily

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The fried oysters were fresh and not too oily

Next we were presented with the main attraction - the shrimp-based broth ramen we had come to try.  First up was the shrimp ramen. The broth had an excellent bisque-like flavour and tasted less oily than your average bowl of ramen. We then started combining the shrimp with the soft-boiled egg, green onions and slices of chicken. Yes, you read that right - Ebi Kin uses slices of chicken breast instead of the usual pork slices. We heard that this is because it is less oily and also lower calories. The chicken flavour was unexpected and threw us off at first, but it did grow on us toward the end of the meal. Although we enjoyed the chicken breast, we are more fond of pork slices and think this might have made this excellent dish even better.

Next up was the miso ramen. The broth was a bit stronger and of course had the extra added miso flavour. We prefered the shrimp flavour over this one, but perhaps the die-hard miso ramen aficionado would love the miso ramen, too.

Finally, after activating our second stomachs, we were ready for the Ebi Kin Tsukemen. This had a lot of the same ingredients as the shrimp ramen, but the broth was much more concentrated and was served in a separate bowl (just as you'd expect with tsukemen). The noodles were delicious and tasted fresh. The broth had little shrimps floating in it which were salty and added an extra dimension of a crunchy texture and pocket of shrimp flavour to this already shrimpy dish. It really was a standout.

Shrimp Ramen from Ebi Kin on Hollywood Road in Central, Hong Kong

The shrimp ramen with chicken breast slices

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The Ebi Kin tsukemen


All three of the ramen dishes we tried were delicious. Our favourite was the Ebi Kin Tsukemen because of the rich and complimentary flavours of the broth and ingredients. Conveniently located in Central, Ebi Kin offers a portal to Tsukiji with this mouth-watering shrimp ramen concept. We'll be back to slurp more noodles soon.

If you find yourself close to Jordan MTR and feel like ramen, be sure to check out Ramen Champion.

Ebi Kin Ramen

Shop C, G/F, On Lok Mansion, 39-43 Hollywood Road, Central

Tel: 2815 1533

Opening Hours: 11:30-22:30 (daily)



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