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Ah, egg waffles…
When my dad was working in a building next to a small, hole-in-the-wall HK snack vendor, I was often treated to an egg waffle after visiting him at work. I still wonder if he knew that the main reason I agreed to visit was because I couldn’t wait to scoff down a yummy egg waffle…

Delicious Food Shop

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Delicious Food Shop is actually the stall I just mentioned – and it still happens to be there to this day! Their egg waffles are the perfect mixture of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, bringing me right back to my childhood. They only have the original flavour, which I think is the best anyway.

Price: $20

Shop B, G/F, 21–23 Caine Road, Central

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Mammy Pancake

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Mammy Pancake specialises in creating tons and tons of unique flavours, including pork floss and seaweed. They also use only the freshest ingredients, without any artificial colourings and flavourings, which they claim is the secret to the best egg waffles in Hong Kong. Mammy Pancake is super popular and is known as a tourist destination, with branches popping up across Hong Kong. They’ve even received a Michelin recommendation!

Price: $17–20 (original flavour, depending on the location)

Locations around Hong Kong


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Wait… pumpkin paste egg waffles? Now, that sounds crazy, but to each their own! You’ll be tempted with the delicious scent of these little guys from miles away. These waffles are super tasty, but for some, they are a little too crispy compared to traditional egg waffles. I, however, would much prefer a waffle that’s too crispy than one that’s too soft, so this shop makes me happy.

Price: $17–26

Opposite Quarry Bay MTR Exit A, King’s Road, Quarry Bay

Master Low-key Food Shop

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Photo credit: kiko bling

Unlike its name, this egg waffle shop is not even close to low-key; its long queues out the door are testament to the fact that you can become completely obsessed with this HK snack. The common verdict is that its slightly higher price, which is actually quite standard at $17, is worth it. They even gives you the cheaper option of $32 for two!

Price: $17

Shop B3, G/F, 76A Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan

Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles

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Photo credit: soozer

Lee Keung Kee started out as a single shop in North Point that was widely popular amongst the locals who lived there. It was only through word of mouth that it started popping up in locations around Hong Kong. A little more pricey than the usual suspects, these eggettes have a thin, crispy, wafer-like exterior and a sponge-cake-like interior.

Price: $22 (original flavour)

Locations around Hong Kong


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Modos is known for its delicious, in-trend, experimental flavours and even features flavours inspired by international cuisines. Flavours like pandan, cheese, Taiwanese pineapple and even spicy meat floss and shrimp paste are on offer, so you’ll never get bored of eating this local snack. Modos is a little bit more expensive and seems more Instagram focused than other vendors.

Price: $17–28

Locations around Hong Kong

Oddies Foodies

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Winner of a Foodie Forks 2017 award for Best Dessert Place, Oddies Foodies is known for pairing their delicious egg waffles with creamy, silky Italian gelato, so what’s not to love? One of their signature pairings is a chocolate chip eggette, banana ice cream and passion fruit panna cotta (known as the Night Wolf). Be sure to eat the waffle quick, though, as it may get a little soggy soaking up all that ice cream. These are expensive but totally worth it if you’re looking for something new.

Price: $63–68 (small); $85–88 (large)

45 Gough Street, Sheung Wan, 2750 2111

Hung Kee Top-quality Egg Waffles

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Hung Kee’s egg waffles have a very interesting verdict, typically loved but sometimes criticised for having a crust that’s too thick. When the shop is not too busy, their eggettes are super crunchy and extra fluffy in the middle. They’re known for their secret family recipe, so definitely give them a try if you’re in the area.

Price: $18 (original flavour); $22 (3 flavours: original, chocolate and strawberry)

Shop A34C, The 2nd Path, Tai On Lau, 57–87 Sau Kei Wan Road, Sai Wan Ho


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McQ sells lots of traditional HK-style snacks and egg waffles are on their long list! They serve up different flavours including a super-special peanut butter and condensed milk version that is adored by anyone and everyone who tries it. The only downside to this place is that it’s a little out of the way, but I’d walk miles for egg waffles when I’m craving them.

Price: $15–22

Shop 6, Keybond Commercial Building, 38 Ferry Street, Jordan

More Eggettes

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Photo credit: @_annadeng

Known for its starry egg waffles made with star-shaped cereal, More Eggettes is an ideal place to stop and get some Instagrammable egg waffle shots. Curry pork floss, taro and honey fondant are some of the funky flavours on offer.

Price: $16–25

Locations around Hong Kong

Have we missed out on any hidden waffle treasures? Let us know!

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