We foodies know that the camera always eats first. Here are our top picks for sweet treats and #instaeats:

Emack & Bolio’s Hong Kong

Photo credit: @hk_foodblog

Emack & Bolio’s

Often inspired by the musicians who used to play in founder Bob Rooks’ basement, Emack & Bolio’s boast some truly rock ‘n’ roll ice-cream flavours. Deep Purple Chip, Space Cake and Trippin’ on Espresso (from $48) can be found amongst others at their Hong Kong shops. We think the secret to their ’grammability are the funky Marsh “Mellow” Cones covered with Oreos, Rice Krispies and Froot Loops.

Holly Brown Hong Kong

Holly Brown

Holly Brown is known for its Danish toast ($78), strips of bread toasted with honey and then topped with authentic Italian gelato, which you can also have individually. Flavours include Earl Grey, apple pie and Ferrero Rocher (from $68). They also have a range of Crazy Shakes (from $98), which come towering with doughnuts, cakes or cones and scream, “SNAP ME!” To make the desserts purdy (and yummier), there are a range of toppings to choose from. When did metallic sprinkles ever not improve the beauty of a dessert?

Owl’s Choux Hong Kong

Owl’s Choux

Did someone say ice-cream choux sandwiches? Yep, Owl’s Choux did, and they said it with over 10 different flavours. The sweet-toothed amongst you will love their classic red velvet creme brûlée choux with caramel, Italian meringue and double-vanilla pastry cream and the Popcorn and Rocks (all $58). When we’re talking Insta-models, these colourful, creamy buns are absolute poseurs (there’s a pun in there somewhere about role models…).

Oddies Foodies Hong Kong

Oddies Foodies

Not your average HK egg waffles, Oddies make their eggettes with brownie chocolate chip, black sesame mochi or cinnamon apple pie gelato. The eggette parfaits (from $66) come served with gelato and all sorts of jellies, crumbles, compotes and sauces. If decadence is what you want, it’s decadence you’ll get at Oddies. Not to mention the Leaning Tower of Waffle that will grace your feed.

Yum Cha Hong Kong

Yum Cha

Okay, we know you know this one, but it doesn’t get old. Yum Cha famously has some of the sweetest, most ’grammable desserts in the form of hot custard molten buns ($49) – with eyes. When you poke these little guys where the “mouth” should be, the hot vanilla custard comes dribbling out, creating what should be a scene inappropriate for the dining table. But it has captured the hearts of Instagrammers far and wide. Watch our video for more of these adorable-bao desserts!

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Hong Kong

J.CO Donuts & Coffee

J.CO’s array of enticing doughnuts ($15 each) can fill your feed (and tums) at little expense. These doughnuts will make your followers chuckle – with names like Berry Spears, Jacky Chunk and Alcapone.

Infiniti C Hong Kong

Infiniti C and Infiniti C by October

Infiniti C opened up its first shop in Kennedy Town and soon became a popular hang-out thanks to its gorgeous, brightly coloured cakes. Not only are the cakes #instaworthy, but they’re also 100% gluten free (and many are vegan and keto too). A second, larger branch, Infiniti C by October (October is the baker), has recently opened in Sai Ying Pun (watch our video) – where you’ll be snapping pics of the royal blue and gold interior as well as the fluffy cakes. We highly recommend a slice of the signature royal blue rose cake ($62), which gets its colour from natural blue spirulina, and the keto tiramisu ($78) – along with an expertly brewed Americano.

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