Muchachos private kitchen in Kennedy Town is here to serve us with the rich flavours of Argentina, including handmade empanadas, juicy steaks, grilled seafood, and a classic scooping of dulce de leche. 

Soft-launching in July 2022, Muchachos offers catering services for special events, corporate meetings, and intimate dinners with loved ones, as well as empanada-crafting and steak-searing classes to hone your skills.

The premium menu (HKD800 pp) is a great starting point to dive into the rich, salty, and grilled flavours of Argentinian fare. Begin with the signature empanadas served with salsa and parilla favourites including marinated aubergine, provoleta, and grilled sausage with farmhouse bread. 

Enjoy a selection of imported rib-eye, striploin, and flat-iron steak cuts, drizzled in chimichurri and served with garden salad and “provenzal” fries. End the evening with a taste of traditional dulce de leche cheesecake with cookie crumble.

You can also order empanadas daily in authentic flavours such as beef, spinach, sweetcorn, and ham and cheese, with new additions that include Peking duck and bacon cheeseburger.

Muchachos Argentinian private kitchen
Photo credit: Instagram/@muchachoshk

Muchachos, Flat B, 1/F, Yiuga Factory Building, 62 Victoria Road (enter from Sai Ning Street), Kennedy Town, 6339 7954, book here

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