Tortillas Are No Longer Just For Your Burrito

Tortillas Are No Longer Just For Your Burrito

The tortilla soup and tortilla ice-cream sandwich are new items on the Cali-Mex menu which mean tortillas are no longer just for your burrito

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Cali-Mex  Cali-Mex  on 31 Jan '16

Two delicious new menu items have upgraded the humble tortilla. No longer are they stuck being known as a jacket for the classic burrito or taco; expect to see the tortilla in soup and as an ice-cream sandwich in Cali-Mex stores around Hong Kong. 

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During the scorchers, cool down with a tortilla ice cream sandwich

Currently only available in the Mong Kok store, the ice cream sandwich ($38) consists of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and wrapped in a homemade tortilla (made fresh every day)

Hot tortilla soup at Cali-Mex

In the cool weather, warm up with hot chicken tortilla soup

Made with fresh Australian tomatoes, Australian free range chicken breast and a range of herbs and spices, the hot soup is topped with corn chips for that textural contrast and crunch. It's available in all the Cali-Mex stores and is only $28 when combined with any other purchase (normally it goes for $38). 

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