Cooking Lesson in Paris

Cooking Lesson in Paris

Adopt a chef's attitude!

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In the heart of the French gastronomic capital the well known French starred chef Cyril Lignac proposes to share its passion with you. Either amorous or simply interested about cooking you will be amazed by this culinary art. Enter the fabulous kitchen of “Cuisine Attitude” to cook like a chef.

Music, theater, painting, reading, cinema are all considered as art because when you make art you create something to express feelings and inspirations through it. When I cook, I would consider myself an artist…or an apprentice artist. I create a plate according to my personality, my personal inspirations. I mix and invent flavours as a singer would mix and play with words. It is usually what the chefs do: they cook what they are.

I had the chance to experiment what it is to be a chef and to cook like one at the workshop “Cuisine Attitude” by Cyril Lignac. When I got into the kitchen I felt like a rock star going on stage. Everything was ready and well organized so the show could start: a sharp knife, a board and an apron. I did not have enraged fans for public but the great American chef Cathleen Carity Boydroon ready to teach us some secrets about cuisine.

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What an intimidating situation to cook while being watched by a chef but the passion prevailed the stress and I felt quickly comfortable. She was a very professional and informative chef explaining the recipe step by step with passion and envy as the chef Cyril Lignac would do.

Such as an artist uses colours and materials to create, we used refined and quality products to make a cuisine like the chef Cyril Lignac: savoury soft and great white asparagus with a delicate and subtle black sea bream.

We started with a generous entrance: “white warm asparagus with brown butter-tobiko hollandaise and a soft boiled egg”.

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I played wrong and I spoiled my sauce but chef Cathleen put it right with her magic cream. Here came the first tip: if you spoil a sauce you can put it right by adding a bit of cream.  The soft-boiled egg had to be perfectly smooth. Second tip: to make it easier put your egg under the cold water tap while you peel it.

Then we continued with a gourmet plate: “black sea bream with white butter sauce mixed with shallots”.

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We learned how to prepare properly a fish without ruining the very good product. The butter sauce had to be a bit thick so it will hold better in the plate for the presentation. Third tip: for your health and to cook without burning your preparation, it is always better to clarify the butter in a bain marie.

As an artist ends its work a chef takes good care of the presentation of its plate. It is a work of precision and imagination: eating starts with the eyes.

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Compared to other kinds of art, cooking is ephemeral, so it comes to a logic that after exposing our creations on the table we tasted them. Each product was fully in line with each sauce. The asparagus was delicious and fresh as for the fish with its delicate and smooth taste. To end our meal with a sweet taste we had the chance to eat a cappuccino pie made by Cyril Lignac from his bakery in Paris it took me back to a café terrace in Italy. Delicious!

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Each meal represented the philosophy of the chef Cyril Lignac: a generous, harmonious and refined “gourmand croquant” cuisine. Even in the atmosphere of the place you could feel this generosity, this desire to share his passion, his knowledge with you and to please people. Unfortunately for everyone he was not there but the chef Cathleen Carity Boydroon knew how to give us this same passion of cooking.

When I go to a restaurant I never have enough with a delightful meal. I want to go behind the scene and meet the artist who put this magy into my plate. This time I was this rock star, I was this artist who never stop creating to please the taste buds of its fans.

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