Eating Green Could Help You Lose Weight

Eating Green Could Help You Lose Weight

Plant friendly food choices could help you lose weight in the long run, meaning eating green does a lot of good for our bodies as well as the planet

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Cedele  Cedele  on 2 Jan '16

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Green eating individuals have a bit of a head start when it comes to losing weight. Here are three ways you can eat like a greenie: 

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Vegetables Should Take up the Largest Portion of Your Plate

At every meal, as per suggestion from the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, replacing rice, pasta and meat with vegetables reduces the total calories in your meal without reducing the amount of food you eat

Eat Home Cooked Meals

Unless you’re heading to one of the renowned temples of health around town, the cream sauce in your pasta dish could very well hold an entire day’s worth of calories. The good news is that eating in can be just as tasty, if not tastier than eating out, and if you really haven't the time you can always find restaurants that serve dishes made from scratch, as though you were home. 

Don't Forget the Superfoods

Whatever the controversies, the fact remains that a single square of 70% organic dark chocolate will satisfy our sweet tooths far longer than a sugary commercial option. Stock up on the quinoas, tofu, chia and cacao. 

Cedele has an array of wholesome, healthy dishes that cater to the needs of vegetarians as well as those who eat meat. 

Two favourites are the mushroom tofu salad and the grilled portobello mushroom with quinoa black bean rice.

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