A Day in the Life with Margarita Forés. The acclaimed chef takes us through a day in her busy schedule on "CNN Culinary Journeys"

A Day in the Life with Margarita Forés

The acclaimed chef takes us through a day in her busy schedule on "CNN Culinary Journeys"

Celia Hu  Celia Hu  on 31 May '16

Named "Asia's Best Female Chef" this year, Chef Margarita Forés is putting Filipino cuisine on the world map. Drawing from her combination of Italian and Filipino heritages, Chef Forés is transforming the dining scene in the Philippines with a diverse portfolio of restaurants ranging from casual dining chain Cibo, to relative new ventures like Grace Park and Alta. 

We recently took a walk through what a typical day is like for this very busy chef. 

Start Time: 5:30 am 

Although I have a relatively early start time, I tend to go back for another hour of shut-eye before I officially wake up. The first thing I do is check on my cats and take my cancer medication. I also have my double shot of espresso and hardboiled egg. I just can’t leave my house without these.

8am - 9 am

I'm working up a sweat at the gym. I head to the Metroclub to get my dose of daily exercise. I do resistance and core training with a personal trainer on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I focus on kickboxing at home.

10 am

After a quick shower, I head to the office for our regular Mancomm meetings where we discuss all the catering engagements for the week as well as concerns we need to address per restaurant.

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12 Noon

My days are never the same. Around this time, I’m usually in one of my restaurants to check out the service and kitchen operations. That is, if I don’t have to run and do an ocular for an upcoming catering gig. Or have a photoshoot to attend to. Or meet with my chefs to come up with new ideas and dishes. I attend to whatever needs to be addressed.

6 pm – 11 pm

I do a peruse to ensure all the tasks of the day are completed, and fine tune any dinner reservations at the restaurant. 

12 midnight - 1 am 

I'm usually at home by this time, unwinding to the drone of the television set. I would have a soothing cup of tea before turning in. 

Check out CNN's "Culinary Journey" for more insight on Chef Margarita Foré.

Celia Hu

Celia Hu

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