Creating a Style Revolution in the Kitchen

Creating a Style Revolution in the Kitchen

Introducing the tastiest culinary fashion

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Chef Works  Chef Works  | over 2 years ago

What kind of image pops into your mind when you think of a chef? An overly traditional plain white, double-breasted chef's coat? But erm.. 

How about injecting some urban street style with a touch of denim? What about going crazy and adding a ZIPPER?!  

The Chef Works 2016 Urban Collection features a mixture of styles that utilize modern street styles energized with denim accents in this innovative range that fuses edgy fashion with forward-thinking functionality.

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A denim zipper jacket from the Spring 2016 Chef Works' Urban Collection, as seen on chef Thiago Silva from Catch New York

The classic white, double-breasted chef coat was first introduced by Marie-Antoine Carême in the mid-19th century.  In the past century, chef wear was equated principally as a symbol of respect for culinary accomplishment. Escoffier paved the way for professional chefs everywhere, working in a commercial kitchen vastly different from commercial kitchen's that existed centuries ago.

Today, the chef coat is not only about the 'old' classics...

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As the leading culinary apparel master, Chef Works has reformed the chef coat, from classic white to gramercy denim 

The modern day culinary apparel has been transformed from boring-to-bold.

The GRAMERCY 100% cotton denim chef jacket:

  • single-breasted design with a 2-way separating zipper
  • roll-up long sleeves with tab 
  • back collar apron holder with engraved snap
  • double-stitching throughout
  • cell phone/notebook pocket with a hidden earphone hole

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This is a whole new take on the the chef coat: it’s all about rekindling the professional-taste-meets-urban-taste aesthetic

Expertly crafted details in a variety of cuts and different types of high-quality fabrics combine to create contemporary styles as unique as you, and your cooking.

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Cell phone/notebook pocket with a hidden earphone hole for the chef-on-the-go

Experience the Chef Works Innovative culinary lifestyle and find out more about the Chef Works Urban collection at

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