Chef of the Month – Christian Yang [Video]

Chef of the Month – Christian Yang [Video]

This celebrity chef's motto is 'taste above all'

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He is known as the 'magician of the Hong Kong culinary industry', and it's easy to understand why: Christian Yang is a person who is full of surprises and new creations. Raised in between Hong Kong, Mauritius and France, Christian uses his unique and diverse abilities to create dishes of fusion and colour with a constant hint towards Hong Kong's culture.

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Christian features in several branded campaigns and TV networks, such as McDonald's, Campbell Soup and Viu TV. His most recent brand work with McDonald's involved Christian helping to create a new style and vision for the global fast-food leader. Christian also extended his reach to a McDonald's pop-up store: Quarter Pounder with Cheese. See the awesome clip below:

Christian wearing McDonald's latest denim zipper coat by Chef Works

Q & A with the Man Himself

What do you want people to think of when they come into contact with Christian Yang?

I am more interested in how people feel about themselves when I'm 'done' with them. If I have made an impact in their lives, then I have done my job. That's what I live for, when I impact them in a way that they feel awesome about themselves. It's not a natural thing that comes to me, but it's definitely what I get inspired from. 

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What is the concept behind your dishes?

Everything on the dish must be edible. When I was 16 years old, I went to Paris and started working in a restaurant. The shady reality was not what I signed up for. At that age I still had that childish and glamorous dream of what a chef should really be. I ran up to the chefs and complained about the disappointing situation, and to my surprise, they actually prepared a beautifully wrapped teaspoon for me and said, 'Listen. It's all about taste. If you don't taste all the time, how would you know about the taste of the dishes that you're going to make?' That was a really impactful moment in my life, and I still hold on to this concept today. Technique is great, but it doesn't mean anything if it doesn't taste good. So taste above all! 

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What is your favourite kitchen uniform item?

The Lansing chef coat. The design of the shirt actually fits my body type. It's not too long and it won't drag on to the floor! I'm really happy with this and I feel good in it.

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Model wearing Christian Yang's favourite Lansing coat (BCMC010-WHT)

Any upcoming projects?

I've got a lot of upcoming projects. I'm with Viu TV, and we have a lot of interesting reality shows and lifestyle programmes coming up. It's pretty exciting because it's new in Hong Kong and we really want to come up with some cutting-edge stuff.  So I'm really glad that I'm with Viu TV.

Stay tuned.

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