Chef of the Month – Edgar Sanuy [Video]

Chef of the Month – Edgar Sanuy [Video]

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Chef Works  Chef Works  on 12 Jun '16

Passion, talent and a great sense of humour are just a few words to describe Edgar Sanuy. Edgar started his chef journey in Barcelona, he then trained in Japan before ending up in Hong Kong as the Corporate Chef of Maximal Concepts. It's always fun to get to know a chef with such an interesting journey and see what kind of spark he can ignite it the rest of us.

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Gorgeous interior design is a key element in a restaurant and the focus at Mercedes me

Q&A with the Chef himself

Tell us about the life of Edgar Sanuy:

"As Corporate Chef in Maximal Concepts , I have done many different projects with them, such as the openings of Fish and Meat, Stockton, Mott 32, Limewood and now, Mercedes me.

I’m from Balaguer, which is a very small town near Lleida in Barcelona. My chef journey started in Balaguer by learning about ingredients at home. I moved from Balaguer to Barcelona, from Barcelona to Tokyo, and from Tokyo back to Barcelona. Now I'm in Hong Kong and I hope it is not the last stop in my life."

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Chef Works Meribel Coat (LSBS) with a Stylish Navy Butcher Apron (F8-NAV)

What are the differences between when you cook at home and at work?

Basically, when I cook in a restaurant, I’m very organized. Before I step in the kitchen at work, I have a planned list to enhance the efficiency of my time, like what I’m going to do, how I’m going to do it, and the timing. When I cook at home, I'll go to the market and buy the first thing I see. It's messy and less serious.

You'll see two different people when I cook at home and in restaurant.

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Edgar in serious mode.

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What is your absolute favourite dish?

My favourite dish is a dish my grandma used to cook for me at home very often, called Arròs de bacallà. We have a long tradition of rice and cod fish in Spain. Arròs means rice and bacallà is salted cod. My grandmother used to fry cod, garlic, and parsley together with rice. It's a very simple but tasty rice dish, and I’d say that’s the dish I remember most often in life.

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"One Bite" tapa inspired by the sea

Which cookbooks do you recommend?

For cookbooks, I have many recommendations that come to mind. There was a period when I bought one to two cookbooks almost every week. There are cookbooks about Thai food , Japanese food, and cuisine that I don’t really do but I’m still curious about it. There are also some cookbooks that I use almost every day, for both technique and knowledge. 

I’d say the most useful cookbook I've ever read is Modernist Cuisine. It’s really useful, and most people that have seen it agree with me. It's probably the most useful book I’ve ever seen.

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What's your favourite Chef Works item?

My favourite item from Chef Works is the Chef Coat. I have worn a Chef Works' chef coat ever since I started cooking. I started buying from Chef Works back in Barcelona when I first completed my studies. I felt comfortable in it and I was attached to it for a very long time.

I just realised now that the coat that I'm wearing has a name - ‘Madrid’.  Well, I’m not disappointed but I think Chef Works should make something called Barcelona. I’m just kidding, Madrid is amazing but Barcelona; you should give a try.

What upcoming projects are you working on?

I work at Maximal Concepts and we always have upcoming projects. We never stop.

This year is the first year for us to run projects outside Hong Kong. Right now, I'm focusing on Blue Butcher, which is a restaurant that already existed, but we going to twist it a little bit with some cool stuff coming up. I'm proud to say we will present one of my favorite meats in the world and I'm really excited about that.

Things are always happening at Maximal Concepts, so you never know what's coming.

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