The Coffee Academïcs RØASTERY Pop-Up

The Coffee Academïcs RØASTERY Pop-Up

Custom-blending station lands at ifc mall for the next six months

 mel  on 24 Aug '18

Header photo credit: @tca_roastery

The Coffee Academïcs, home to the most expensive coffee in the world, just unveiled a six-month pop-up roastery at ifc mall.

The Coffee Academïcs RØASTERY is a custom-blending station that combines different types of beans depending on your personal taste. Customers are asked to fill out a short quiz, with questions ranging from music preferences to favourite food flavours. Depending on your answers, further questions may be asked in order to aid the customisation process. The quiz also takes into account your preferred coffee-brewing method, level of acidity and how you take your coffee (for example, black, with milk or milk alternative, with sugar).

With your results in hand, the barista will then select three different bean varietals to give your coffee a distinctive flavour, body and aftertaste. The beans come in a resealable bag with a personalised label (six to choose from!). Your unique “bean code” is saved into the system, and returning customers can use their code, email address or phone number to repurchase their own custom blend. With 27 single-origin beans available – including the elusive Panama Geisha – The Coffee Academïcs estimate that around 10,000 different blends are possible.

The quiz also has an option to create blends for others – we think the chic packaging and thoughtful creative process would make this an excellent gift for coffee connoisseurs.

Currently, this pop-up is the only one in the chain that offers custom blending, but The Coffee Academïcs hope to eventually spread this technology to their 13 shops in Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

Prices for the beans start at $238/200g for premium speciality coffee and $368/200g for award-winning micro-lot coffee.

Shop LA5, 3/F, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central

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