New Menu: Taste of Singapore by Maxim’s Chinese Cuisine

New Menu: Taste of Singapore by Maxim’s Chinese Cuisine

Singaporean and Malaysian dishes with a Cantonese touch here in Hong Kong

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With Maxim’s being one of the largest restaurant groups in Hong Kong, most of us are familiar with their restaurants and the array of cuisines they offer. This summer, their Chinese cuisine line has partnered with famous Singaporean chef Chong Wui Choong to bring Hong Kong an authentic taste of Singapore, but also with a touch of Cantonese flare. The new menu will be on offer at selected Maxim’s outlets (see full list below) from now until 14 September 2018.

Image titleMarinated chitterlings (L) and marinated pig’s knuckle (R)

From the recommended dishes we were presented, there were a few that truly stole the show. I have always been intrigued about intestines, and the marinated chitterlings ($48) piqued my interest. They were not only full of flavour from the marinated soy base, but the dense, chewy texture won my heart; they were tender enough to be eaten with ease.

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The crispy fish skin with salted egg yolk ($78) was definitely a crowd-pleasing appetiser. Crispy, deep-fried fish skin rolled in layers of salted egg yolk with pork floss was just like the hyped packaged versions’ elder sibling – but on steroids.

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Bat kut teh ($208) is a must for me whenever I go to Singapore, however, the one served here is not your average hawker-centre dish. Specially selected Berkshire pork ribs were used to enhance the flavour in the soup and to achieve a tender, juicy texture. Personally, I prefer my bat kut teh to be strong either on the white pepper or herbal taste, but this one is a much milder version adapted to suit Hong Kongers’ taste buds.

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The star of the menu for me was the deep-fried prawns with oats ($218). Butterflied whole prawns were deep-fried, then stir-fried with oats, butter and egg floss. The prawns were incredibly crispy, and you could pop a whole prawn into your mouth without biting off the head or tail (and I’m craving them now as I write this).

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The kam heong crab ($698 for 900g) was another highlight of the meal. The aromatic and spicy sauce is of Malaysian origin and is highly addictive in its aroma and tropical spices. I highly recommend an order of this dish if you are in a group, but note that it can get quite messy, and remember to order a side of rice to mix in with the sauce (you can thank me later).

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If you still have space for dessert and, like me, call yourself a durian fanatic, you have to order the durian pudding ($55). Packed with a generous helping of the best Malaysian durian, this dish was so rich and creamy that it tasted like straight-up puréed durian. Truly a guilty pleasure that was worth every bite.

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For those who are not into durian and its powerful smell, the pandan and coconut pudding ($32) is the way to go. This was a sweet, slightly heavier dessert, with rich coconut and glutinous rice as the base of a thick pandan pudding.


The new Taste of Singapore menu brought me all the way to Singapore for a few hours. Because this menu is only offered for a few months, I will definitely return ASAP for more of the deep-fried prawns and crab and to try out a few other dishes.

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