5 Foods Worth Breaking Your Diet For

5 Foods Worth Breaking Your Diet For

5 foods worth breaking your diet for...because salad can suck it

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Congratulations! You've made it more than halfway through the month and we're guessing you're getting pretty close to being over the kale and quinoa (if that didn't happen on the 2nd). Whether you opted for a lean, mean and dry Jan or decided to forgo the typical "new year, new me" resolution, we've found the top 5 foods that are totally worth breaking the diet for

Texas dog from Pop It

1. Pop It - Texas Dog

Popping up in Wan Chai's Landale Street and Tai Hang, Pop It's selection of super duper 'dogs has us practically drooling. 

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Lobster mac & cheese

2. Lily & Bloom - Lobster Mac & Cheese

Creamy and comforting, beloved by all...it's hard to think how mac & cheese could get even more delicious but the folks at Lily & Bloom have seriously upped their meaty mac attack. 

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Roast Duck from Wah Fung

3. Wah Fung - Roast Duck

We could wax lyrical on how amazing the roasted meats are at Wah Fung but don't just take our word for it - try it for yourself and get ready for a duckin' good feed. 

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Blue Butcher - Bone Marrow

4. Blue Butcher - Bone Marrow

With adjectives like "unctuous", "rich" and "velvety" sounding pretentious AF, let's just put it this way - if you're not slathering Blue Butcher's Bone Marrow on anything and everything, you're seriously missing out. 

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Emperor's Choice Fiery Prawns

5. Chilli Fagara - Emperor's Choice Fiery Prawns

Turn up the heat with Chilli Fagara's tongue-tingling Sichuan dishes. Our particular fave is their fiery hot prawns, every chilli-head's dream! 

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Pizza Fritta

*Special mention

Posto Pubblico - Pizza Fritta

Because how could pizza not make the list!? Posto's pan-fried pizza frittas are the perfect way to give the diet a break...

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