5 Restaurants for Healthy Eating After January

5 Restaurants for Healthy Eating After January

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Top 5 picks for restaurants to ensure a continued healthy eating journey after the January buzz is over

Some days you go to the gym, sip lemon water and eat gluten-free veggie wraps, other days you settle on the sofa with a cheesy bowl of pasta and binge watch Making a Murderer–life is all about balance! As the month draws to a close, many of you will be ready to celebrate a successful dry and detoxed January with some pure indulgence. We say - go for it! But there's no reason all that hard-work and self-control has to go to waste - here are our top 5 picks to keep you feeling healthy  past the end of January!

Top Healthy Dishes Deliveroo Grassroots Pantry

Grassroots Pantry

A firm favourite with citywide health nuts and the brainchild of chef Peggy Chan, Grassroots Pantry focuses on delicious, healthy food as well as eco-conscious practices. With an amazing selection of platters, healthy stir-frys, veggie curries, superfood smoothies and more, Grassroots Pantry is a definite go-to for those looking to maintain their healthy eating habits.

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Top Healthy Dishes Deliveroo Veggie Spinner

Veggie Spinner

Serving a selection of fresh salads, flavourful pastas and incredible "lavish rolls", cosy health café Veggie Spinner is a perfect spot to grab a meat-free and vegan bite or two. If you've ever considered going green, this Tai Hang eatery will happily push you over the edge. 

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Top Healthy Dishes Deliveroo Cafe Locomotive

Café Locomotive

Ok, ok we know pho, spring rolls and Vietnamese curries aren't the healthiest of food options, but Café Locomotive still has plenty of dishes to satisfy those cravings without over-indulging. Go for their prawn pomelo salad for a fresh and zingy dish packed full of nutrients.

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Top Healthy Dishes Deliveroo Toss and Turn

Toss and Turn

In the mood for something quick and easy? Toss & Turn's selection of flats, salads and sarnies make the perfect mid-week lunch. Who said healthy was boring?!

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Top Healthy Dishes Deliveroo Locofama


Let's taco 'bout health baby, organic or gluten-free! Let's taco 'bout all the food things so you'll order two or three! Let's talk aabbout health! #sorrynotsorry (Get your dose 90s nostalgia here)

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Top Healthy Dishes Deliveroo Ice N Lean

**Special mention

Ice 'N Lean

Low-sugar, low-fat, high-protein, organic, raw and 100% natural, Ice 'N Lean's frozen desserts mean you no longer need to feel guilty about giving into your sweet-tooth cravings. 

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